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DoyoureadmeHAL t1_je5hrt3 wrote

So it says “mass” of the sun but then they mention “something that large” implying size. I’m a dummy but those are two different things right. It could be the size of a baseball and be 30 billion times the mass of the sun. No?


zoinkability t1_je5powt wrote

There is a direct relationship between the mass of a black hole and the size of its event horizon. if you know the one, you know the other. So if a black hole is the highest mass ever seen, it would also be the largest in terms of its event horizon.

That said, inside the event horizon we simply can't know what goes on. So the "actual size" (meaning, how much space the matter inside the black hole occupies) is, I believe, simply unknown.


xEman26x t1_je6rax2 wrote

I just learned this today, funny seeing it again.


SpererZero t1_je5pjqj wrote

It's mass directly as effects it's size, remember, it's not the physical object that's big, but rather the schwarchchild radius, where light can no longer escape.


_huppenzuppen t1_je71n6a wrote

*its, *affects, *its, *Schwarzschild


SpererZero t1_je7d3ty wrote

Spelling is hard smart ass. And for your information, 3 of those 4 misspells were autocorrect's fault.


a8bmiles t1_je7fy0k wrote

Ignorance is easy though. Just do nothing at all to better yourself.


SpererZero t1_je7gh63 wrote

Put it this way, tho typing a little slower would allow me to better spell words, you still got the information that I put forward. Why in that situation should I improve if I would just be accomplishing the same task but slower? Edit: in that case, is it even an improvement?


a8bmiles t1_je7gp18 wrote

"Auotkrekt mayde me sownde dumbber" is what I'm hearing.


SpererZero t1_je7h2t6 wrote

Joke, and no, it was absolutely my fault. Just saying, if the message was conveyed...right? Maybe I am dumb but my goal wasn't to sound smart, it was to convey a message, which I did.


Putrid-Repeat t1_je6ash5 wrote

Just to add, I used an online calculator and the radius is 177 billion kilometers in diameter or 255 thousand earth's in diameter.


WormRabbit t1_je6l1oq wrote

About 1000 AU. For comparison, the distance from Sun to Pluto is 39 AU, and the Oort cloud spans from 2000 to 100 000 AU.


zubbs99 t1_je8m38s wrote

An event horizon that wide is mildly terrifying.


B4SSF4C3 t1_je74lnf wrote

Right, size has no meaning we can relate to. Space time collapsed to a singularity. They very much mean mass.

Although now that I think about it, not sure if mass has meaning either at that point? Is it “mass equivalent” effect on surrounding space time?


FrickinLazerBeams t1_je7epth wrote

No. Black holes have a size. A black hole with 30 billion solar masses has a radius of a little less than 600 AU (Astronomical Units, the average distance from the earth to the sun).