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SpererZero t1_je7d3ty wrote

Spelling is hard smart ass. And for your information, 3 of those 4 misspells were autocorrect's fault.


a8bmiles t1_je7fy0k wrote

Ignorance is easy though. Just do nothing at all to better yourself.


SpererZero t1_je7gh63 wrote

Put it this way, tho typing a little slower would allow me to better spell words, you still got the information that I put forward. Why in that situation should I improve if I would just be accomplishing the same task but slower? Edit: in that case, is it even an improvement?


a8bmiles t1_je7gp18 wrote

"Auotkrekt mayde me sownde dumbber" is what I'm hearing.


SpererZero t1_je7h2t6 wrote

Joke, and no, it was absolutely my fault. Just saying, if the message was conveyed...right? Maybe I am dumb but my goal wasn't to sound smart, it was to convey a message, which I did.