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xvf9 t1_jbsklxt wrote

Yeah running around trying to find face masks, feeling like the world was coming to an end… glad those things didn’t last!


orangutanoz t1_jbul31c wrote

I picked up some N-95 masks last month just in case.


john-cd t1_jbsrdfa wrote

We call 'em bushfires here mate


Various_Oil_5674 t1_jbtm64c wrote

Wasn't most of the ozone repaired awhile ago?


horseren0ir t1_jbwa06n wrote

It started too after we got rid of CFC’s, I think it’s still on track to restoration by 2050, takes a while though


Various_Oil_5674 t1_jbwbj2x wrote

CFCs, that's what it was. Thank you haha.


NessyComeHome t1_jbwh7uy wrote

I took an EPA test to handle refrigerants.. Cfc's were horrible. 1 molecule of cfc would destroy 100,000 molecules of ozone.


AnytimeBro t1_jbu5u46 wrote

Yeah wasn't there a bunch of news about that in past few years? To the effect of "the ozone layer has been recovering since the start of the pandemic"


LucidDose t1_jbtlipf wrote

That does suck, but I thought the ozone hole wasn’t that big of a deal anymore


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Careful-Tadpole7910 t1_jbsjjg9 wrote

Human kind is on a rampage to distruct itself and everything around it


SLIP411 t1_jbvyxgy wrote

I thought the ozone hole was closing! So you're telling me my childhood fears have come back to haunt me?