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ModsAreN0tGoodPeople t1_jbvjlkf wrote

MDMA will always be my favorite illicit substance. Some super clean molly is just the best. Hard to find though.

*for the morons who have no idea what they are talking about, you can buy super cheap testing kits for mdma that will tell if your connection is legit or selling you garbage. Also, it’s not meth, if you are basing that on the fact the name contains the word “meth” in it then it’s probably a safe assumption that you failed chemistry and should keep your mouth shut about things you don’t understand.


Falagard t1_jbvnapy wrote

I have heard that some people believe that each married couple should do MDMA together once each year. I've heard it is magic.


Bosno t1_jbvz5gj wrote

It’s magical, but it also depends on the couple and the persons. If your mentality is a certain way, after the magic wears off you will be sad that every day as a couple isn’t that magical and connected. It just brings people together in ways that nothing else can.


LetMeGuessYourAlts t1_jbyjjcm wrote

Not to mention 2 days later when you're irritable as hell and bickering over the dumbest things until your happy chemicals regenerate


oooshi t1_jbywhh8 wrote

So your saying spend two days vibing together then two days alone to recoop, and in less than a week your marriage is alive again?! Alright. Someone help me write this screen play I think Vince Vaughn and Jen Aniston stand a chance in this one


ModsAreN0tGoodPeople t1_jbzgg9w wrote

You end up with low serotonin because Molly basically tells your brain to just dump it all into your bloodstream. I personally never experienced the “hangover” effect , had a very nice afterglow after the high wore off and was right as rain next day but everybody is different. The one thing to avoid is trying to do it again too quickly. I limited my self to once a month otherwise the trip wasn’t very strong.


facthanshotfirst t1_jbzn846 wrote

Something unlocked last weekend between me and husband after our mdma trip, we can’t keep our hands off eachother. I think it helps that we have been working out really hard at the gym to keep eachother motivated.


facthanshotfirst t1_jbwx31f wrote

It’s definitely something else. Last weekend my spouse and I took shrooms+mdma at a music festival and had the time of our lives. We watched ODESZA for the first time and it was such a magical experience for us. There’s such a fantastic connection with people and music when on it. I highly recommend it, if you can get it from people you trust and test it.


supbrah_ t1_jbw24zu wrote

E is amazing, everyone should try it at least once. If used moderately its great.


EM05L1C3 t1_jbwj7bk wrote

Take it with your enemy and for a very short while they will be your best friend.

Source: had a hateful ex who still hung out with my friend group. He stopped being hateful for 30ish minutes


GlassEyeMV t1_jbxsfg4 wrote

My best friend and I now have a connection for mushrooms. We did them once together in college and now, we try to do them once every few years together just to hang out and reset our brains and have fun together. We usually just hang out, play with the dog, play a board game, go for walks around his neighborhood etc. Its great. With having a regular contact now, I think we’ll be doing it annually.


glue715 t1_jbyp2p1 wrote

r/unclebens be your own connect. You can thank me later…


glokz t1_jby2878 wrote

Oh yes, it helped me to talk about stuff we kept in taboo area for years.

So much easier to open and talk about sensitive stuff while high.

It's like, you can talk about your biggest pain without shedding a single tear.


glue715 t1_jbyolkm wrote

I have been divorced for 15 years, I truly believe MDMA and some couples therapy would have saved my marriage.


andy_bovice t1_jbvytpz wrote

Molly + mushrooms, what a blast.

Mdma isnt good for your head though. I do regret doing it in retrospect.


ModsAreN0tGoodPeople t1_jbvzdql wrote

I used to do it once a month. Never had issues. I had a great connection though, very clean stuff. Lost that connection and haven’t done it since.


andy_bovice t1_jbz1fra wrote

after years of use i noticed it affected my ability to recall memories and information. there is literature on it showing it has long lasting negative effects on the hippocampal neurons in the brain?

Long story short, yes its very fun but i would recommend to do it sparingly. Theres really no substitute for legitimate happiness (vs drug induced happiness).

When i did molly it was usually because i was socially awkward etc and going to a party. I have no significant desire to consume molly these days, even if it was pure and free…

Mushrooms on the other hand, definitely worth it like once a year just to touch base with yourself.


ModsAreN0tGoodPeople t1_jbz67sf wrote

Personally I hated mushrooms. Regretted it every time. I haven’t done any drugs at all in five or six years. Not even weed though it’s legal here. Not like I had a problem I just grew up. If the opportunity presented itself I probably would do MDMA again though.


EscapeHungry3643 t1_jbzud3a wrote

It gets worse with age and with repeated use. By my mid thirties it was trading 4 hours of fun for an awful comedown plus 2 days of feeling like crap.


Doesanybodylikestuff t1_jbw0aqg wrote

This is what I’m going to try next. After I’m done being handicapped, I want to refresh my outlook a bit. I’ll do them both separately once each and then I’ll combine them and try it out a few months later.

I’m going to do it with just my husband and best friends. If you have a fave album or a few songs that hit the spot for you, let me know!

I’m soooooo looking forward to putting this chapter of my life behind me and start framing my life more positively and beautifully.


interleeuwd t1_jbws27v wrote

Mushrooms + music is the best. No idea what sort of music you are into, but for me it’s pretty hard to beat Shpongle. His music is drugs by itself, but he has a way of just setting a trip off completely. It can definitely be too intense though, depending on where you are at in your trip


andy_bovice t1_jbyzwvz wrote

Music recommendations?!? Of course! ill think of a few and post.

Not sure what kind of handicapped but on mushrooms and acid simple things are really fun: coloring, music, being outside. The afterglow is my favorite part and youre more functional so can go to bar and talk to people and chill out. Peaking can be tough and you feel glued to the couch and awkward.


Bitter_Jackfruit8752 t1_jbwahfk wrote

I always enjoyed the more psychedelic feel of MDA and all the nice empathic/euphoric feelings of oneness are just the best!


[deleted] t1_jbxcv6g wrote



ThisWillBeOnTheExam t1_jby577r wrote

Had a batch of sass that gave me and others the shits. So strange.


atWorkWoops t1_jby7a3m wrote

Baby laxative is a common cutting agent in cocaine and other powders


[deleted] t1_jbznys9 wrote

Is it really though? Cocaine, being a stimulant, has got serious laxative properties by itself. Add to this the excitement that comes when one is about do x drug. Furthermore I've never stumbled upon "powdered" MDMA nor MDA.


onomojo t1_jbxbhwn wrote

We used to call them rolls back in the day. Once you get a "dirty" roll you end up seeking that out. Dirty is just mixed with meth.


atWorkWoops t1_jby7npz wrote

Or the highly sought out mdma heroin combo where you sink into the couch but everything feels amazing. And then eventually become one with the fuzzy blanket.


BeneficialElephant5 t1_jbyapx7 wrote

Testing kits will tell you if your product contains any MDMA or not. They can also tell you if it contains some common contaminants. Testing kits cannot tell you if it's "super clean" or not.


DOG-ZILLA t1_jbyfc6f wrote

Having taken many illicit / illegal substances myself over time, I can totally agree to this.

It makes you energetic, talkative, interested in everything, caring for everything. It really is a wonder drug for someone like me who can be low-energy and sometimes quite cynical about the World.

You feel a connection to everything that is genuinely very difficult to describe unless you’ve experienced it yourself. Your empathy is through the roof and you sincerely feel that when you’re talking with someone, you’re really listening and not just hearing.

Anyhow, that’s my 2 cents. Obviously if you ever try it, be mindful that these effects are the drugs working but it can help to break down some prejudices when you’re back in reality…which is nice.


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StarvingAfricanKid t1_jbvq7rh wrote

Mdma is the good stuff. Much Molly for sale contains Methamphetamine. Mixed with MDMA. And sometimes MDA.
But pure MDMA is The Best.


[deleted] t1_jbvrn7r wrote



tylerderped t1_jbvycy0 wrote

It’s easy af to differentiate molly from meth, even without test kits. They look and smell different.


Man0fGreenGables t1_jbwjvda wrote

Every once in a while when I’m driving and I turn the heat towards my windshield I catch a whiff of something that strongly reminds me of the smell of MDMA and I haven’t done any in 20 years. I have no idea where it’s coming from but it’s a smell I will never forget.


nyancatdude t1_jbw4xud wrote

molly is a completely different chemical than meth


siliconevalley69 t1_jbwadkt wrote


And when you buy molly/mdma in the US you are almost always actually getting meth (cut with other things).


Big_Contract482 t1_jbvs93z wrote

I can only imagine how stupid you are and I hope you find genius over night.i would encourage anything but hard-core substances. Try first, herbal teas from etsy, blue lotus flower, weed edibles, natural things ect.


tylerderped t1_jbvy8qv wrote

I can assure you, no tea is gonna make you feel like mdma does. Don’t be such a square.


ZalmoxisRemembers t1_jbusse6 wrote

Could a yearly dose of MDMA (or psilocybin/mescaline/LSD) ever replace the daily regiment of something like SSRIs/SNRIs to combat depression for some people? Would that be more effective with less damage? Or less effective and just as damaging? Has any study ever looked at such a thing? I’m sure it’s a very complex problem with many dimensions, I’ve just personally always been interested in this topic as an avid psychonaut with an interest in pharmacology. I’ve personally had really positive experiences from such drugs and I know that without them I would have had much worse mental health. They helped me in the same way that pharmaceuticals do for others. I’d be interested in seeing them become official parts of the pharmaceutical arsenal.


flaminate_strutching t1_jbuvhzu wrote

That’s the research that’s being done now. Because these substances have been illegal for decades even for research, there are still a lot of unanswered questions.

Hopefully, though. Especially since we’re getting more sure that depression doesn’t really have anything to do with serotonin and that SSRIs don’t ultimately improve overall quality of life for people with depression.


Wavelength_Finder t1_jbvrs71 wrote

I will confirm. SSRIs did everything but improve my quality of life. In fact, all my physical issues got worse which in turn made my psychological go into silent hill mode, fog and everything.


PoopIsAlwaysSunny t1_jbvyvbr wrote

Plus they literally cause suicidal ideation.

Or the therapy that gets people SSRIs causes suicidal ideation .

I certainly never thohhht about suicide until someone drugged me half to death and asked me every week if I was thinking about suicide.


tyler1128 t1_jbv5v7y wrote

That's a bit of a stretch in the second paragraph. It is clear that serotonin is not the beginning and end for depression, but rather is a factor in many cases. SSRIs don't help much for some people, but they do have a statistically significant improvement over placebo at helping reduce the symptoms of depression in some. Given worse depression is correlated with worse QoL generally, at least in severe cases, they can help some people. The do have nasty side effects though as well.

For myself, I'm pretty much impotent unless I stimulate myself in specific ways that don't generally apply in the case of sex.

I'm personally pretty excited about the future of depression and other mood disorder treatment past the serotonin hypothesis, and including psychedelics and other such drugs. I myself am actually legally prescribed ketamine for ketamine-assisted psychotherapy as of a few months ago.


PolyDipsoManiac t1_jbv7j9i wrote

SSRIs are almost worthless and it’s an embarrassment that we’ve relied on them for so long.


tyler1128 t1_jbv9a78 wrote

I don't disagree with the sentiment. They are not by any metric highly successful drugs nor is the side effect profile negligible. We also can't let personal experience cloud our analysis. They are not almost worthless in data. Here's a relatively modern meta-analysis: They are usually on the lower end of of the spectrum of the four main classifications that most anti-depressants fall into: MAOIs, tricyclics, SSRIs and SNRIs. They also are usually on the lower end of the spectrum in terms of tolerability. Tricyclics and irreversible MAOIs are generally more effective, but also more "dirty drugs" meaning a lower specificity in action. Some irreversible MAOIs are still used as drugs of last resort in treatment resistant depression, but they are fairly dangerous comparatively.


MervinWervin t1_jbya9x4 wrote

>Some irreversible MAOIs are still used as drugs of last resort in treatment resistant depression, but they are fairly dangerous comparatively.

They're definitely more side-effect & interaction heavy but a lot of providers are unduly afraid of them. The dietary restrictions are pretty overblown unless you're chowing down on artisanal cheese or chugging soy sauce. A lot of the drug interactions aren't absolute either as long as you start very low and monitor closely when going up - I was able to safely take a low dose of adderall when plenty of providers would act like being in the same room as it while on MAOIs causes instant death.


NoNumbersAtTheEnding t1_jbvd97q wrote

It seems, however, tat most of the role serotonin plays in depression has more to do with its relationship with glutamate than any specific function of serotonin itself.

That is to say that too much glutamate activity is linked to depression symptoms and certain serotonin receptors modulate glutamate levels in the brain. So by increasing serotonin activity, you can decrease glutamate activity and this helps with depression symptoms in some people.


tyler1128 t1_jbvfq1w wrote

NMDA antagonists are of interest, but not because of the NMDA receptor blockade. It's because of the increase in neuroplasticity they many induce, for still not well understood reasons. This is believed to be part of both ketamine and psychedelic therapy, but we really don't understand it well.

It's also worth noting that psychedelics and MDMA are also believed to work mostly through the serotonergic system, with traditional psychedelics being partial HT-2a and HT-2b agonists. MDMA is a serotonin reuptake inhibitor and releasing agent, as well as the other amphetamine effects. Serotonin is still believed to be the main cause of the empathogenic and mild hallucinogenic effects of MDMA, but it isn't an agonist or antagonist, just a re-uptake inhibitor and releasing agent. This means it floods neurons with more serotonin than usual through two separate mechanisms.


NoNumbersAtTheEnding t1_jbvn89g wrote

I don’t know why you brought up dissociatives. Those NMDA receptors - whilst yes, typically activated by glutamate, are located on GABAergic neurons, preventing the release of GABA in to the synapses.

Additionally the effects of psychedelics are more closely linked to changes in endocrine hormone distribution and GABA, glutamate and acetylcholine balance. The 5-HT2A, 2C and 1A receptor complexes which are thought to be the starting point for psychedelic effects all regulate the distribution of these compounds, along with dopamine and norepinephrine. Many do not seem to understand that inhibition of the NMDA receptor is a core mediator of effects from classical psychedelics. The activation of the 5-HT2A receptor directly prevents the activation of any NMDA receptors located on the same neuron.

It is also worth noting that SSRIs stimulate neuroplasticity and neurogenesis as well - through the same mechanism (inhibition of mTOR, mGlu2,3,7 and various cortisol functions and subsequent release of NGF and BDNF in to various brain regions).

MDMA does this as well, although the dose and frequency makes the poison. Same can be said, perhaps more surprisingly, about other amphetamines such as methamphetamine and mixed amphetamine salts. All these compounds are also capable of producing neurotoxicity as well, however this effect is only paradoxical with methamphetamine. The neurotoxicity of MDNA and things like Adderall appears to disconnected from the direct effects of the chemicals themselves (even in high doses, MDMA injected straight in to the brain does not cause toxicity - for example)

Also as of like, last month, “we don’t know how psychedelics induce this neuroplastic change” is an outdated statement. They trigger a highly novel mechanism through penetration of the cell membrane, rather than activating surface receptors. Similar to how dopamine receptors server different functions depending on their location on or within the cell, so too do serotonin receptors.

I have a lot more I want to say but I am high as balls right now. I will leave this by saying that it is unlikely that the NMDA receptor plays any role whatsoever on the antidepressant effects that have been discovered in ketamine and DXM. In fact, despite both being dissociatives with similar MoAs, it is likely the antidepressant effects are being cause by entirely different mechanisms from eachother (DXM with sigma-1 activation, ketamine has a strong link with its stimulation of adenosine release and AMPA receptor activation).

SSRIs also cause downregulation of certain serotonin receptors, namely 5-HT1A, which tends to be over active in people with anxiety and has even be speculated to play a role in the development of neural inflammation in chronic amphetamine, nicotine and alcohol abusers. It also regulates the distribution of glutamate and stress hormones like cortisol, vasopressin and epinephrine. But since having too much glutamate is linked to neural inflammation and excitoxicity, it is likely that this mechanism plays a strong role in their effects


tyler1128 t1_jbx6pvv wrote

I brought dissociatives up as I thought that was where you were talking to bringing up NMDA receptors.

You are right that all of these things affect more than just the the primary target, that being the reuptake, release, agonism/antagonism of the primary receptor target. Any drug affecting a monoamine neurotransmitter is going to have downstream effects on others, and many receptors have specific action on regulating feedback loops on the other neuorotransmitters.

I was really only speaking to the direct effect for brevity if nothing else. I'm also aware that the down-regulation of the serotonergic system over time is considered a likely part of the antidepressant mechanism of SSRIs. In general, I agree with pretty much everything you said.

> "Also as of like, last month, “we don’t know how psychedelics induce this neuroplastic change” is an outdated statement"

I hadn't seen that. Mind linking the paper? Sounds like an interesting read.


NoNumbersAtTheEnding t1_jc5gv3u wrote

I opened this notification while I was rather busy but I’mma find the paper when I have the time/tomorrow if I forget before going to sleep.

Feel free to respond again calling me out if I don’t do that. I just have ADHD and autism so it’s easy for stuff like this to slip my mind


flaminate_strutching t1_jbv7l7s wrote

Do you have any links to the studies that found a connection between serotonin and depression? Or that demonstrate long-term improvement in quality life with SSRIs?


Timely-Huckleberry73 t1_jbvgzht wrote

As far as I know all studies (certainly most studies) that have found antidepressants as “effective treatments” for depression are much shorter than the durations for which antidepressants are typically prescribed. Most studies last a few months at most. The evidence for long term effectiveness is lacking, however, there is certainly evidence of long term harm.

Unfortunately there is insufficient data on long term outcomes because such studies would be expensive to conduct and the results of such studies would almost certainly be harmful to the extremely lucrative sales of antidepressants.


Lurkernomoreisay t1_jbvnp01 wrote

Flaminate was likely referring to :

More that studies have shown that after decades, there is still no evidence that depression is caused by low seratonin levels

That anti-depressants have questionable benefit to a significant number of patients.

> Antidepressants seem to have minimal beneficial effects on depressive symptoms and increase the risk of both serious and non-serious adverse events --

Meta-studies showing that SSRI use was not beneficial in the long term. (Not beneficial as in harmful to long-term health)

> Outcome reporting was less thorough during follow-up than for the intervention period and only two trials maintained the blind during follow-up. All authors concluded that the drugs were not beneficial in the long term. --

-- I agree on the Ketamine and Psychedelics.

Ketamine treatment has done wonders for myself, and several of my friends.


tyler1128 t1_jbvtybq wrote

I never said it wasn't questionable benefit to many people, I explicitly said that. We can cite study after study or meta-analysis after meta-anaylsis, but the fact is, SSRIs score above placebo in statistical significance more often than not, opinion on them notwithstanding. I work in I guess tangent to the field of epidemiology, but I write software for use by epidemiologists for after market drug effect statistical analysis, on algorithms we use to do that. SSRIs are well above placebo, doesn't matter whether you can cite criticism of them or not, and non-SSRI antidepressants almost all work on the serotoninergic system to some level. Ketamine and bupropion are examples that don't directly, or ketamine at all, but ketamine's MOA is not fully understood beyond that we believe the neuroplasticity change to be significant. Ketamine's acute antidepressant effects last well beyond the length of the drug or known medically relevant metabolites being in your system.

Unfortunately, people who had bad experience with SSRIs really love to make that known even if they know barely beyond an iota of knowledge in the actual science. Even if this is /r/science. And it's really frustrating.


Cnudstonk t1_jbyjvvb wrote

I had help from them. but it didn't save my job. psilocybin, mdma, ketamine, all made ssri's look like a joke.

better than placebo/not lethal is the lowest bar possible. ssri also wrecked a multi year weight loss journey. It's trash.


tyler1128 t1_jbzv8dq wrote

Same, I have a mixed relationship with them. Sadly ketamine therapy has not been the breakthrough for me some people have had, though it has absolutely helped.

I'm very optimistic about the future of the field of psychiatry though with the movement beyond just the stuff that has helped somewhat but has been far from a cure for the last 40 or so years.


pixiegod t1_jbvrmp2 wrote

I was diagnosed with mood disorders and was on western medicine for years until I discovered LSD….now I do 2 trips a year where I center myself 0ver a weekend and I have not needed my mood disorder medicine…

From my perspective, this works amazingly well…I can’t wait till the studies prove this all out.


CreedyBabyBoi t1_jbvx40o wrote

See my comments above, they basically have proven this. I am so glad that there is a major community of people these days who are using psychedelic therapy in the ways that it should be. Massive amounts of historical context provide validity to the value of psychedelic substances when they are used as you have used them. Again, I really appreciate you pointing out that these substances don't "need" to be used in a prescriptive sense. Rather, prescriptive power should be used to help ensure the substances are given validity, as well as to ensure they are not used excessively (this abuse rarely happens as there is significant evidence to show they are not even remotely addictiveaddictive )


myRoommateDid t1_jbv6l9n wrote

Speaking from noj scientific experiance, a psilocybin/acid experiance between 2 and 4 times a year would be more helpful, depending on the person.


x1conroe t1_jbvayqk wrote

Eloquent words. Let's lessen the stigma towards pyschedelics. With anyone interested knowing more. Checkout the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic studies.


PoopIsAlwaysSunny t1_jbvyqeb wrote

It would 100% without a doubt be so, so much less damaging than daily SSRIs.

I can’t say it would be more effective, but modern science suggests some combination of mild hallucinogens (psilocybin, mdma, ketamine) with exercise and a nutritionist is probably the path the health for the vast majority of individuals


tyler1128 t1_jbv59u1 wrote

We're doing a lot more research in that sort of area than we have for the last 40 years, but MDMA has some potential issues for a daily regiment. Long term chronic usage of MDMA is associated with structural brain changes in both humans and animals. Whether this is the case in lower doses is not known, but it would need a good deal more study to ever get approval.

There's also the fact that most studies regarding drug harm for illicit drugs are done with people using street versions of the drug, so purity is pretty suspect, and other drugs cut in or uncleaned byproducts remaining could contribute to it as well.


CreedyBabyBoi t1_jbvkpwy wrote

Woah woah woah, at what point was daily administration of MDMA a real consideration? I am genuinely curious, because I only ever heard of MDMA as a short-term tool for use in a therapeutic setting. It seems to me that people who distort the argument for daily use of MDMA are only trying to undermine its actual therapeutic usage. Maybe I am wrong, but I have personally NEVER heard of a proposition for MDMA to be used as a daily medication. I have heard of it only to be used under a therapeutic setting, only after significant trust and connection has been made with a given patient. Again, not once have I heard that MDMA should be a daily used substance. Personally, I think that might be one of the major miscommunications which undermines the legitimacy of psychedelic therapy. I don't think any logical researcher would be considering MDMA, psilocybin, or LSD to be a daily regimen. I feel like I Can't emphasize that enough.


qu1x0t1cZ t1_jbwrm1s wrote

I’m fairly sure you can’t do MDMA daily because after a few days it blasts out your seratonin reserves. It then takes a few days for them to build back up again.


tyler1128 t1_jc26g5f wrote

Sorry, I read that comment asking [low dose] daily MDMA, not yearly. That's my bad.


Acidflare1 t1_jbvv7b1 wrote

I’m betting it differs from person to person. I found it very helpful since no medications helped.


Man0fGreenGables t1_jbwk2jm wrote

Nothing has helped me more than large doses of psychedelics. Some of the effects were permanent but a lot of the effects wore off slowly over several months.


MrMichael31 t1_jbvpw1r wrote

Look into a company called Mind Medicine. They are doing amazing work regarding this topic.


Perpetual_Ronin t1_jbvmghq wrote

I want to do this therapy SO BAD!!! I can't take SSRI's/SNRI's and this is exactly the issue I deal with on the regular....Hope Medicare covers this type of therapy soon.


Moonbreon t1_jbvtwyi wrote

how come no ssri?


YEETasaurusRex0 t1_jbxwriv wrote

Doesn't matter


tooManyHeadshots t1_jbycdbg wrote

“Personal reasons” is a nicer deflection. Nothing wrong with curiosity, but medical stuff is pretty intimate.

I’ve asked similar questions. Sometimes people are really open about it, and I learn new things. Sometimes they don’t, and that’s fine.


Doesanybodylikestuff t1_jbw0m1m wrote

Somebody please hit me up for these studies. I’m depressed after becoming handicapped these last 3 years & have got nothing but time on my hands. No working any time soon. Let me be the lab rat!


Bitmage t1_jby8j74 wrote

"Chronic social defeat stress (CSDS) is a protocol (scientific procedure) in which a mouse is exposed to a larger aggressive mouse in an enclosed space. This is followed by a confrontation between the two mice in which the mouse undergoing this treatment is defeated and forced into a subordinate position (social defeat)."

Those sadistic bastards have created a high school for mice.


No-Cycle2110 t1_jby6f9l wrote

The problem with the molly - Once you start feeling good YOU WANT MORE. I hate that feeling and the hangovers


Traditional_Camel231 t1_jc259oe wrote

So it’s addictive?


No-Cycle2110 t1_jc3dv5m wrote

I don’t think addictive as you build up a tolerance quite quickly. If you use often the hangovers become unbearable and the magic goes away.


Traditional_Camel231 t1_jc5m2lc wrote

Oh ok I get it now. I’ve never tried it, but would love to for the benefits of it. I’ve heard good things about it.


VillhelmSupreme t1_jbwhiym wrote

Molly and mushrooms is a magical connection. You obviously need to be in the right place.


Mymoggievan t1_jbyqies wrote

TIL there is something called 'chronic social defeat stress'


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Rasayana85 t1_jby5ely wrote

How do you get model rodents for chronic social defeat? Do you breed them inferior to assure that they will never experience social success?


checkfargo1010 t1_jby641o wrote

I’ve been trying to convince my wife that mdma and Ibthia is therapeutic maybe I should send her this study