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jodsongraves t1_jbvf6xc wrote

I do think we need to investigate animals as sentient more and as we do, we'll likely stop eating them. This idea, however, is extremely progressive and even I --knowing it is a good idea-- cannot say I completely agree to it at THIS time.


DoktoroKiu t1_jbvhwc9 wrote

Why not at this time?


jodsongraves t1_jbvjbkd wrote

Well, spent a few decades eating meat and I don't know how to meet nutritional needs without meat. I need to learn and dont have time yet


DoktoroKiu t1_jbvlowc wrote

I understand and felt the same at first, but now I would compare it to learning a different way to tie shoe laces or something. It is not the complex thing it is often made out to be, unless you're trying to go whole foods only or some other such additional restriction.

There are many free introductory resources and meal plans to try to make it as easy as possible.


jodsongraves t1_jbvn1u9 wrote

But that's what I need you to understand. As much as it may sound like an excuse. Some people just don't have time. Personally, its on my list of things to do, but I care for a family and I'm working on a massive project (shameless plug at the end). I'll get to it.

For me its an ethical question and the OP's post is a convincing thought experiment. I want to get there, I see its good. Im just traveling through time


DoktoroKiu t1_jbvo6ed wrote

Yeah, and being convinced is a big and important step for sure. I only meant to reassure that it is almost certainly far easier than you're imagining.


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DoktoroKiu t1_jbw84oi wrote

Why hello there person I was not talking to.

Do you not think I made my own decision of my own free will after a preponderance of the evidence and the arguments available to me? Or did you have some image conjured up in your head of me seeing some viral tiktok and immediately going vegan because it's the next cool label to acquire to show people how progressive I am?

Do you not see the irony in labeling people who represent less than 1% of the population and who go against the majority as "subscribing to a herd mentality" when they are not the ones who simply follow the rest of the herd from birth to death just accepting the values they are given by their upbringing?

How weak you must see your own position when, instead of taking time to actually understand their position, you just convince yourself that those you disagree with are just thoughtlessly following the herd and merely feigning their sincerely held beliefs. It's certainly less work, I'll give you that, and you don't run the risk of changing your mind.