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unswsydney OP t1_jc0ei8m wrote

Hi r/science!

A team of quantum engineers from our School of Electrical Engineering and Telecommunications have published a paper in Science Advances describing a new device that can measure the spins in materials with high precision.

Normally, commercially produced spectrometers require billions to trillions of spins to get an accurate reading, but the research team were able to measure spins of electrons in the order of thousands, meaning the new tool was about a million times more sensitive.

The paper is available to read here:


BiochemistChef t1_jc11wv2 wrote

What was the "warmer temperature" the news release talked about. Not having to fill the spectrometer with liquid He (or even just less often, as well as the N2) would be great


WatchaMaPlinkey t1_jc1vtpt wrote

They mention in the article that the sample still needs to be under a magnetic field, which will still require liquid He/N2 to cool.