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its_ean t1_jc1nvl7 wrote

Why is this written like it's a new concern?

Kessler syndrome, 1978 & 2009


FranksRedWorkAccount t1_jc1oq6n wrote

"who could have seen this coming, says only planet that actively works to cause this."


QuietGanache t1_jc1zuio wrote

The only planet? Is Saturn a joke to you?


FranksRedWorkAccount t1_jc21ncg wrote

Psh, how many objects did Saturn put up into its orbit? Catch things sure but lift things up? It's practically a moon in that category.


druffischnuffi t1_jc30798 wrote

We were already told in school to clean up after us if we fly to space


its_ean t1_jc3ka88 wrote

for sure. It's obviously in the interest of anyone who wants to, like, send more than one thing to space.

At scale, there are too many who won't pick up after themselves unless required. It could / should have been done earlier. This effort towards functioning, enforced international regulation is sorely needed.


Croquetas_ t1_jc1osfo wrote

Because it is. Every day that passes is more and more worrying. Aswell is because many scientists is calling now to action again, so yes, it's important