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GDPisnotsustainable t1_jc38wg9 wrote


Work two part time jobs, or on salary for that matter and see to it family is fed. The system is broken, making eating whole foods (not the brand) unavailable to most families.

Problem is, my comment is social science so it will be removed. But I can cite how difficult it is for families to not rely on processed foods for multiple meals per week.


Strazdas1 t1_jc637fr wrote

whole foods (not the brand) are availble to most working class families. they just dont choose them because, to no surprise, they dont taste good.

Processed foods are not bad. The issue is that many "fast" food is badly processed.

Have you ever boiled rice? Thats processing food.


troll-destroyer-3000 t1_jc5aqnw wrote

I have a hard time believing this.

Anecdotally, I can get veggies for several meals for less than a bag of potato chips.


ConsciousCr8or t1_jc63dep wrote

Where are you getting your produce?? I can no longer afford the Whole Foods i used to buy, being that most have dam near doubled in price (and some almost tripled) heavily processed trash consumables are wayyyy cheaper.


troll-destroyer-3000 t1_jc6j2e7 wrote

In my experience you just have to buy what's in season.

E.g. veggies harvested in early spring are going to be expensive in the middle of winter.

I go to local produce markets, they mostly only stock what's in season


mohelgamal t1_jc7kjwb wrote

While I understand that people don’t come from work to do more work at home. Relying on home cooked meals isn’t as difficult, expensive or time consuming as people argue. Once you learn to cook you can do it fairly quickly if you don’t want very fancy gourmet meals.

And buying ingredients is definitely cheaper than buying processed food if you are ok eating similar meals a few days in a row so you don’t waste stuff.

For example, to feed a family of 4 Big Macs meals from McDonald’s, which is cheap, you would need pay something like $25 dollars.

$25 dollars are definitely enough to buy a 1lbs of ground beef, a head of lettuce, a pack of cheese, two potatoes and 4 buns of bread. You would need oil (reusable) a pinch of spices and perhaps a $1 in energy to make the same at home. It would take 15-20 mins to cook the burgers and the fries. And you probably would still have some left over buns and cheese slices.