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KetosisMD t1_jecg432 wrote

The new index, an empirical dietary inflammatory index (eDII), is based on 8 pro-inflammatory components (red meats, processed meats, organ meats, other fish, eggs, sugar-sweetened beverages, tomatoes, and refined grains) and 8 anti-inflammatory components (leafy green vegetables, dark yellow vegetables, fruit juice, oily fish, coffee, tea, wine, and beer or other alcohol beverages).

Not a fan of their definition of inflammatory.

Booze and juice ? Garbage


Maltese_Vulcan t1_jecly32 wrote

Yeah, how is fruit juice anti-inflammatory when sugar-sweetened beverages are pro-inflammatory?


KetosisMD t1_jecsayd wrote

It’s not possible. Juice sales are falling for good reason. Apple = good, apple juice = processed junk food


Brain_Hawk t1_jed4irq wrote

I'm not surprised at a paper published in frontiers is using it not particularly well thought out or established simplistic measure of something complicated.


hardsoft t1_jee6pdh wrote

So my coffee and beer drinking help neutralize my meat intake.