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slickhedstrong t1_jc36xum wrote

eli 5?

conifers - cone firs - evergreens?

broad leaves - like maple?

darth sidious - killed plagious?


InfamousBrad t1_jc4ijb8 wrote

They're also less vulnerable to parasites, fungi, and other diseases than a monoculture, because the greater distance between trees of the same species makes it harder for contagion to spread.

If your city has an urban forester and you ever hear them recommend fewer than four species as "perfect trees to plant," campaign to get them fired and replaced by someone who actually knows how to do their job.


dumnezero t1_jc6u9jt wrote

Remove parking spaces, put trees there instead.


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Strazdas1 t1_jc62q8c wrote

Conifers also are much more useptable to pollution which is why they are rarely planted in urban enviroments to begin with. They capture the particle pollution, and then die from it.