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demwoodz t1_jc4w1x6 wrote

No height requirements, everyone is on this ride.


throwawaypizza012 t1_jc57l0u wrote

Reading stuff like this is really messing me up. Droughts, crop failure, crises, no end to global warming in sight. The news are consistently bad, it just keeps getting worse.


ledpup t1_jc5c8z6 wrote

On the bright side, today's climate is the best we'll have for 1000 years.


Littleman88 t1_jc7al33 wrote

Eh... the climate is "the best" for whatever creatures thrive in it.

Dinosaurs were pretty on board with sweltering heat right up until a big rock froze our relative hell over.


Farcespam t1_jc57xay wrote

Imagine what it will be like in 40yrs.


Ghost-of-Tom-Chode t1_jc5jb8b wrote

Youtube and tiktok already remind me so much of idiocracy.


DAMG808 t1_jc6aew0 wrote

Good movie. Becoming more and more of a reality every day.


YawnTractor_1756 t1_jc5dabi wrote

50 years ago people knew what happens in their vicinity in details, in their country in general and in the world superficially.

Today people know what happens in every corner of the world on a daily basis.

Paired with natural proclivity for paying more attention to bad news, people now have convenient endless stream of bad news from all around the world. Something somewhere is always bad: something is flooding, burning, breaking, failing, dying.

No wonder that despite things are overall maybe 10% worse, people perceive them to be 120% worse.


Ghost-of-Tom-Chode t1_jc5jn1q wrote

I agree in general. However, everything is actually getting worse. As you said, even if it’s only 10%, or whatever percentage it is. What’s it going to be in another 50 years? Another hundred years? I wish I could say I think it will get better, but everything seems to be slowly rotting (at best).


Witty_Interaction_77 t1_jc5mjeo wrote

Not to mention everything is worse here. (In the west). Except for the great depression, there's no metric for the hell we live in. High rent, low wage hell. Getting hot as hell too.


Strazdas1 t1_jc62jub wrote

Not everywhere. I too am in "the west" and my purchasing power increased significantly in the last 10 years.


jb-trek t1_jc6612s wrote

Is it because you got older and promoted or because the same job you did 10 yr ago was better paid?


goobershank t1_jc6wb5j wrote

I would hope promoted. What kind of loser would stay in the same position for 10 years?


Strazdas1 t1_jc6a4sg wrote

Its a combination of both. I still do mostly the same job, but i do have a better position on paper.


jb-trek t1_jc6bgfg wrote

You got better at doing the same job too through experience, which makes sense to increase your pay even if it’s the same job.

I mean it’s a bit misleading to say you got more “purchasing power” which suggests you can buy more things with the same money when you actually meant that your pay was increased.


Tall-Log-1955 t1_jc75iwj wrote

That's not true. Climate change is getting worse, but aside from that most things are actually getting better. The past was a terrible place to live.

Modern tech has just made it much much easier for bad news to get to you

The world is terrible but it's better than it used to be and it can still get better:


YawnTractor_1756 t1_jc76leb wrote

>What’s it going to be in another 50 years?

In 1894 the Times predicted that “in 50 years, every street in London will be buried under nine feet of manure.”

It can be 5% worse or 15% better, or both, because life is not actually one-dimensional, so even when you write "everything is getting worse" it's not actually true, I just don't want to argue every word.


Emu1981 t1_jc5uc8a wrote

>No wonder that despite things are overall maybe 10% worse, people perceive them to be 120% worse.

We had a record fire season in 2019 here in Australia where over thirteen million acres of bushland burned at temperatures hot enough to kill everything. We then had record rain and flooding events for the next few years. Now that El Nino is back in effect I expect that we will go back to record breaking bushfire seasons...


Strazdas1 t1_jc62hx5 wrote

this also leads to emotional burnout in people. No wonder the Z generation is so nihilistic, they are growing up in a world of constant negative information. They stopped caring.


YawnTractor_1756 t1_jc6jk0c wrote

Sure. The point is: find local newspaper and read it daily. You would not believe how great it feels to find out that everything is not actually bad and getting worse, and how satisfying it is to learn news about things you know, pass on daily basis and actually care about.

People were learnt to think global since WW2 but this pendulum has swung too far.


Strazdas1 t1_jc6nr6o wrote

Unless you live in a palce like the town i live in where the local news that are portrayed as something good isnt if you actually know whats being done. Stuff like "new infrastructure". Sounds good right? except its designed to be anti-pedestrian repeating same mistakes our city architect swore not to do years ago.


YawnTractor_1756 t1_jc77bjh wrote

  • "New hospital, cool right, but when you remember that healthcare is cripplingly expensive it's depressing"
  • "New school cool right, but when you remember that teachers are underpaid it's depressing"
  • "New houses cool right, but when you remember few young people can afford houses it's depressing"
  • "New festival cool right, but when you remember how many people go without enough food it's depressing."

If you want to find depressing element in anything, you will. I am trying my best, but one has to choose to be happy, to actually be happy.


Strazdas1 t1_jc9obn5 wrote

Let me twist this a bit.

"New hospital, cool right, but when you remember that you are the one paying for other peoples poor life choices its depressing."

"New school cool right, but when you remember this results in parents driving their children across town to it polluting everyones slung in the process it's depressing"

"New houses cool right, but when you remember that they look like something soviets buit in the 60s and the city architect simply rubberstamps any project coming across his desk it's depressing"

"New festival cool right, but when you remember the noise pollution will make sure you are sleep deprived for a week it's depressing."


YawnTractor_1756 t1_jca5614 wrote

Again, happiness is a choice. If on one hand you want it, but on the other you can't seem to make yourself choose to view the world so it wold happen, consider talking to specialist, I'm not trying to be offensive.


Strazdas1 t1_jca8a02 wrote

Choosing to be happy in a situation of despair is a sign of mental illness.


420ligmagooch t1_jc6rg8r wrote

Why are you trying to downplay this massive issue at hand is puzzling?! Tf is your objective

Why would you not want the "pendulum to swing back" like saving the planet from catastrophe is not something everyone would benefit from in the long run


goobershank t1_jc6w6ry wrote

But the other side is trying to amplify it and make it sound as horrible as possible.


Ihadanapostrophe t1_jc74llw wrote

Because global warming of the kind we are causing/experiencing is quite literally unprecedented in human civilization. We have no method currently feasible at large-scale to undo the damage we've created.

It is going to be horrible, no matter what we do. It does have the potential to be civilization-ending. That's pretty much the end of humans as an advanced species.

If we lose our current level of civilization, we will likely never truly become a space-faring species and will instead end when the Earth does.


noopenusernames t1_jc5uoyt wrote

The good news though is that the rich are getting richer, so everything is on track. Besides, it’s not like us non-rich would even do anything about it anyway


HelpfulLetterhead385 t1_jc76qxl wrote

You should try and get a better paying job , I don’t think Reddit pays that much.’


Veasna1 t1_jc66m9o wrote

People still want to eat meat, fly planes and burn fuel, so we get this.


Fuzzycolombo t1_jc6ph32 wrote

Get over yourself. The Jews spent an entire generation walking through the desert after being enslaved to the Egyptians, not to mention they were systematically rounded up in the 1940s and brutally enslaved and eradicated. In Rwanda millions died to genocide. Genghis Khan raped, murdered, and pillaged millions along the Asian country side. If you were a Neanderthal you got to watch your entire species get out competed and all your women dominated by a superior species (homo sapiens)

Humanity has constantly been subject to terrible tragedies. Today you have the opportunity to eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and have access to water. You’re not dying of famine today, tomorrow, or in the near future. Put on your shoes, stay in this fight, stay strong, we’re in for one hell of a ride.


Strazdas1 t1_jc62e3j wrote

My city will become a port when glaciers melt.


demwoodz t1_jc64pgw wrote

You might want to build an ark, there’s a book around here somewhere with dimensions…


Strazdas1 t1_jc6a0vm wrote

Nah, but my family in the currently coastal city will need to build one.


dreaminggod05 t1_jc5ei86 wrote

You know, at least the climatologists' models are getting real-world testing though, right?


Awellplanned t1_jc635do wrote

Let’s just divert the floods to the droughts duuhhh.


MamaMiaPizzaFina t1_jc64msd wrote

OK, do you have a few trillion dollars to make continent spanning canals that can withstand extreme flows at semi unpredictable intervals?


Zren8989 t1_jc73782 wrote

I'm fairly certain they're being facetious.


merlinsbeers t1_jc73vc7 wrote

A few trillion would be overkill. A hundred billion would get water into the right watersheds and create a few trillion in value. And pulling that water from flooded rivers would reduce flooding. Win-win-win.


[deleted] t1_jc606yd wrote

Almost like it’s the EXTREMES that get worse, not just warming. God damnit calling it global warming might’ve given them just enough counter argument to stall for a good few years


merlinsbeers t1_jc746ev wrote

They didn't stall. They counterattacked by turning government ignorant and anti-science, from the education system up. It will take generations to fix that.


Environmental-Use-77 t1_jc63a37 wrote

So climate change deniers would and sometimes still do refute climate change because it would cost too much money to make the acknowledgment and thus change to green technology. So what is keeping them from acknowledging irrefutable data and evidence that climate change is happening?


MamaMiaPizzaFina t1_jc64rlp wrote

like they care about facts and logic?

It is like a sports game for them. they will support their home team no matter what.


DisasterousGiraffe t1_jc850jk wrote

"Worldwide, climate change sceptics fall into three main categories.

First of all, you have the climate denialists, who are economically motivated. For example, fake activists are paid by the fossil fuel industries with the aim of delaying action against global warming. This has already been extensively documented.

Then there are the political climate sceptics, who reject the reality of global warming and denigrate the measures proposed to address it, mainly to undermine the political opponents who support these initiatives. They are not necessarily interested in global warming as such. The US elections saw a resurgence of climate scepticism because it provided an opportunity to attack the Democrats' environmental agenda.

And finally, a third category consists in geopolitical climate scepticism, originating in countries with totalitarian regimes. For these governments, such as the Kremlin, the climate crisis is a chance to divide populations and weaken democracies, as I explained in my book Toxic Data. For instance, we know that one of the strategies Putin uses to gain geopolitical influence is to carry out subversive operations on the social networks in a bid to weaken the democracies. His goal is to exacerbate internal divisions in order to alter social cohesion and ensure that the attention of governments is taken up by internal conflicts, or even, where possible, that these governments are themselves delegitimised.

The upsurge in climate change denialism that we've seen since the summer of 2022 appears to originate, in large part, in this third current.

We've come across accounts that initially spread dissension about Covid-19 vaccines, before relaying the Kremlin's propaganda about the war in Ukraine, and eventually defending climate-sceptic theories. 60% of the climate-denialist community active in 2022 took part in pro-Putin digital campaigns."

Investigating climate sceptics’ disinformation strategy on Twitter 03.13.2023, by Sebastián Escalón


OmegaLiar t1_jc70gu5 wrote

Thanks previous generation. You really gave the earth to us in the worst possible shape ever achieved in human history. So thoughtful of them to use all the resources and die in time for us to clean it up and deal with the aftermarh


merlinsbeers t1_jc74b6n wrote

If you're old enough to write that you're ducking your part in it.


Mikey4tx t1_jc6k9n7 wrote

I thought we had already confirmed this a long time ago


Zren8989 t1_jc73dfq wrote

Hell Shell knew about it decades ago and were about to start implementing changes when they realized there was political will to oppose it as a hoax.


merlinsbeers t1_jc72uud wrote

Hypothesis: more heat, more atmospheric water capacity, more evaporation, more precipitation, and in places unaccustomed to it, where people have rationalized building structures in flood plains, and flood insurance is inadequate.


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eyemallears t1_jc7gqmb wrote

I thought we dropped the “warming” for climate change.


[deleted] t1_jc7p7f8 wrote

If only we had some data many years ago to help us prevent this from happening….


shesdaydreaming t1_jcgh9zl wrote

Yes, because with every X rise in average temperature more and more water vapour can be stored in the atmosphere, so when it's hot you get droughts and then when going into autumn and winter you're more likely to get periods where all the rain falls at once, which causes flooding because when in a drought the ground doesn't absorb the water it runs across the surface.


thekux t1_jc5yklt wrote

There’s no science in this statement. They keep changing their stories, too. They keep trying to say the desert southwest of the US and California is in a mega drought which it is not and hasn’t been in several hundred years. Now they’re trying to blame the mass of rain and snow fall on you guessed it global warming. If it snows too much, it’s global warming. If it rains too much is global warming. If it doesn’t rain is global warming. They only really believe people are stupid.


Strazdas1 t1_jc62nlf wrote

if the oceans are warmer they evaporate more water which then results in a rain. So more rain is global warming. More rain in itself however is not an issue. Flash rains are the issue. quick and heavy rains that erode the top soil damaging the landmass everywhere.


MamaMiaPizzaFina t1_jc64kit wrote

almost as if the world is a complex system and we are slowly raising the thermostat.

Do they seriously expect everything to stay exactly the same but just an unnoticeable 1C difference?


merlinsbeers t1_jc7mqgl wrote

Nothing you said is true.

The only "they" you should be worrying about are the ones who have convinced you to viscerally reject science.