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thekux t1_jc5yklt wrote

There’s no science in this statement. They keep changing their stories, too. They keep trying to say the desert southwest of the US and California is in a mega drought which it is not and hasn’t been in several hundred years. Now they’re trying to blame the mass of rain and snow fall on you guessed it global warming. If it snows too much, it’s global warming. If it rains too much is global warming. If it doesn’t rain is global warming. They only really believe people are stupid.


Strazdas1 t1_jc62nlf wrote

if the oceans are warmer they evaporate more water which then results in a rain. So more rain is global warming. More rain in itself however is not an issue. Flash rains are the issue. quick and heavy rains that erode the top soil damaging the landmass everywhere.


MamaMiaPizzaFina t1_jc64kit wrote

almost as if the world is a complex system and we are slowly raising the thermostat.

Do they seriously expect everything to stay exactly the same but just an unnoticeable 1C difference?


merlinsbeers t1_jc7mqgl wrote

Nothing you said is true.

The only "they" you should be worrying about are the ones who have convinced you to viscerally reject science.