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barryman5000 t1_jc5mrlp wrote

So we are getting back to Coley's Toxins?

It was a rather neat approach that I'm not sure ever got studied correctly. Coley never did a proper study and the idea of injecting anybody with bacteria that made them sick when radiation therapy was showing consistent results really killed any further research.


CultCrossPollination t1_jc5ypvm wrote

Thanks for calling the originally described hypothesis/context. The use of microbes is nothing new, see also oncolytic viruses. The main difference is that we currently know a lot more about cancer and the importance of the interplay with the immune system. So I am still curious to see what further research this might bring, and if we can improve current strategies. Although I am also careful for enhancing innate inflammation.


halfchemhalfbio t1_jc87wi0 wrote

I actually have a story to tell about this. I have read a grant about Coley’s toxin but the professor is so old, he hand drawn his grant figures. I bet to covert that to pdf is also a great challenge for the person. It is very interesting idea though. It actually went into clinical trial in the 90s but just an IV injection.


mgr86 t1_jc898we wrote

I work in academic publishing. In some cases, at least at our organization, we would just image the hand drawn table into the pdf. We digitize a lot of old academic material.


samsoniteindeed2 t1_jcy2v0l wrote

Or even back further to the days of ancient Egypt. There are papyrus scrolls about using localised infections to treat cancer.