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nik-nak333 t1_jc6zzq0 wrote

Cynical me can't wait for big pharma to put this type of procedure behind a ridiculous paywall or ensure it fails FDA testing or something equally shady


who519 t1_jc7soms wrote

This isn't really true, if a pharma company created a cure for cancer it would make them an insane amount of money because it would be universally used with no competition. As it is now, cancer treatment is full of competition. This conspiracy theory doesn't really play out. A more likely conspiracy theory, if a pharma company created a cure would be that company investing in marketing sectors that cause cancer, tobacco, alcohol etc...because then they be creating their own customers.


Siyuen_Tea t1_jc7viqt wrote

Unless of course, they already have the cure and mutually agreed there's more money in making treatments


nik-nak333 t1_jc7wio0 wrote

Precisely, their options are make some money or make more money.


Littleman88 t1_jc7bu21 wrote

There's money in treating cancer, not in curing it after all.


thefonztm t1_jc7izro wrote

Curing cancer is a hell of a lot harder that treating it. If by cure you mean preventing cancer. Treating cancer, aka 'curing cancer', is easier.


Siyuen_Tea t1_jc7v4xx wrote

I mean, if this works, theoretically you could do it yourself in a very sloppy way. You just trade death for sickness