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lai-shxuan t1_jdfxpes wrote

the conclusion seems so obvious, what's the meaning of this study?


snowgorilla13 t1_jdge7tg wrote

We need even the most obvious truths codified on paper and indisputable. It's a serious problem.


kikyou_oneesama t1_jdgupvq wrote

And yet antivaxxers still exist.


Potentially_Nernst t1_jdhb0ym wrote

Imagine the amount of antivaxxers there would be if credible, peer reviewed scientific studies on the topic did not exist because vaccination working is 'the most obvious truth'.

On second thought, maybe don't imagine that. And stop thinking about antivaxxers, it's almost weekend ;)


Chaseus_Clay t1_jdj8mn0 wrote

I'm not anti-vax but acting like they are the worst corner of society is dumb. There are things that are far more intuitively evident that people still argue about


Potentially_Nernst t1_jdsop4d wrote

And I was literally replying to a five-word comment out of which the most important word was 'antivaxxers'.

Would have been a bit strange if I were to attempt naming 'the worst corner of society' simply out of nowhere, don't you think?


SignalWorldliness873 t1_jdhe6hz wrote

Any scientist will tell you, just because it's published in a peer reviewed paper, doesn't mean it's "indisputable"

If that were true, many scientists would be out of a job

Half of science is skepticism


MostBotsAreBad t1_jdfz66m wrote

They got paid to do this study.

To be fair, a lot of rich people / politicians insist people will pay anything for medical care they want. It might be worth rebutting.


Heres_your_sign t1_jdfzgqq wrote

You mean we don't have the best health care system on the planet? Surely my congressman wouldn't lie to me!


bowser_buddy t1_jdhsbr6 wrote

I don't disagree with your point, but this paper is based on the healthcare system in Vietnam


Chris-1235 t1_jdga3na wrote

You don't need studies to rebutt such people. Don't try to defemd an utterly pointless study that someone though is worth sharing.


Altaira99 t1_jdh0rsz wrote

It's an obvious conclusion, but you need the data to back it up, otherwise it's just an anecdote.


miketdavis t1_jdhfkpn wrote

Oppositional politicians will say you can't make even an obvious claim unless you have data to back it up. Those same oppositional politicians will still ignore this evidence and enjoy the profit of the healthcare industry.

Those people now say you need more evidence, and when you get more evidence they'll ask for more. Hard to convince someone that something is true when they're paid to believe it's not.