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Chapped_Frenulum t1_jdilg43 wrote

This is definitely the ideal solution. Force them to remove their dyes form their wastewater long before it makes it to the treatment facility.

The thing that makes enforcement difficult is that wastewater treatment can be very complicated and not economically feasible for each manufacturer to do on-site. If it's prohibitively expensive, they'll bend over backwards to not comply, cut corners, or hide it. But if they have a process that's super efficient like this, they can mandate its use and expect much more compliance and less pushback or regulatory erosion from the inevitable swarm of lobbyists. This also is something that wastewater plants can do to economically remove the dyes that they receive as well.

Obviously corruption is the core issue here, but whenever there's an absence of activism to support "just doing the right thing" we need solutions like this to at least sugarcoat the right thing.