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SoftlySpokenPromises t1_jdiom6l wrote

To do something we'd either need to be in a position of extreme influence, or be disgustingly rich. Even if they were to be a politician they'd have to content with the rest of the political forces being paid off by lobby groups.


camisado84 t1_jdjch3m wrote

I am not trying to be antagonistic, but that's patently not true. If you get involved in local politics you would find out how disgustingly little is done to try to influence change.

I was involved with a local campaign that came within 1 or 2% of unseating an senatorial incumbent with a 80k budget, the opposition had 1M+ in the coffers and was in the seat for nearly 3 decades.


alt_rhapsody t1_jdk0bq6 wrote

Hope is hard to find when you're seeing history repeat itself for the millionth time


Asnyd421 t1_jdtd48h wrote

You're 100% right, sorry you're on blast. We absolutely need to keep using any and all political power we have to steer elections and politicians the way we want. Whining on the internet is only a part of the solution, blasting your politicial leaders' inboxes is the other part.