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Chiperoni t1_jcblmh0 wrote

Not saying microplastics are good, they most certainly are not, but the title is alarmist. They used levels way more than a person would be exposed to and introduced them directly into chicken embryos. I'd think you'd get malformations with tons of seemingly innocuous things at high concentrations.


KahuTheKiwi t1_jcc9s46 wrote

The early science of threats like this, cigarettes, pesticides, climate change, etc always have to first prove the effect. Later studies can then determine levels and risks.

However given what we know of cigarettes and climate change we can assume the companies making the product are years ahead of well publicised science.


DooDooSlinger t1_jccj2r7 wrote

That's absolutely not how science works. Give an animal an overdose of any medication or substance and it will die. You can even overdose on water. None of this gives any indication of the potential negative effects of a substance. What matters is to understand the effects of doses actually absorbed by organisms. Nobody would care about a study evaluating the safety of giving 100g of sugar per kg of body weight to children because that doesn't ever happen.


False-Force-8788 t1_jce3pkr wrote

Anecdotally some workers are exposed to extreme amounts of polyethylene in modern warehouses, they are a small subset of the population.