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AllanfromWales1 t1_jeeqhi0 wrote

Wonderful research showing that if you only look at those who are deficient in the things which walnuts contain, eating additional walnuts can help. No actual test cases, just looked at the nutrients. It was no surprise to find this was funded by the Californian Walnut Commission.


Durhai t1_jeenqub wrote

Walnuts are tasty and nutritious, but have a lot of fats, good fats, but still fats. A 1 ounce serving has 190 calories composed of 20g of fat and nearly 6g of protein. Moderation is needed when consuming calorie dense foods.

I eat walnuts every morning as I have found them to be the easiest of the nut varieties to purchase in bulk and to consume. I try to limit my intake to around 20g. I have convinced myself that I’ve seen a positive impact in the way I feel since I started eating them daily some months ago. I don’t know if they’re having a huge impact upon my health or not, but I’ll continue to eat them as I enjoy their added crunch and texture in my morning oatmeal.


Viperbunny t1_jefbzfr wrote

I tend to stick with raw almonds. They keep and they are a good snack.


QWERTY_QUEER t1_jeg2we6 wrote

Im in the same boat! Was wondering recently if walnuts may be really quite a bang for the buck… considering i can eat a handful of them and feel quite satisfied for a good amount of time. Combine some w yogurt and a banana and go for the whole morning feeling great


RafiqTheHero t1_jeexu43 wrote

While big walnut does appear to have written this, nuts/seeds do in fact rock. Lots of healthy fats, good amount of protein, good amount of fiber, vitamins and minerals, and possibly some polyphenols. The biggest issue for some people will be the amount of calories or fats, otherwise nuts/seeds are awesome. Kind of like the sibling to fruits and veggies which doesn't get as much attention.


h8tdis t1_jeepzfr wrote

and for me, up's the likelihood of kidney stones, i love nuts, but they don't love me, took a while to find the trigger


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No-Sock7425 t1_jef4449 wrote

Walnuts help me die. *wheezing allergy noises


macemillion t1_jeghnla wrote

I can only assume the way this headline was written that it doesn't do anything for babies?


raleighs t1_jef6kht wrote

Where is my walnut milk?


psiloSlimeBin t1_jef8m66 wrote

You can make it, and it isn’t bad, but the tannins aren’t particularly pleasant. I love tannins in tea and wine, but not so much in a milky form. You can leech some of the tannins out soaking in water, just depends on how much work you want to make it.