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mrbrendanblack t1_jcf5ben wrote

A great thing to read right before bed. Night!


porgy_tirebiter t1_jcf82ey wrote

I swear a few days ago someone posted an article that said insomnia was associated with lower risk of dementia.


CogitusCreo t1_jcf92tx wrote

Inability to fall back to sleep after waking at night was mildly negatively associated with dementia, but didn't seem very significant. Inability to fall asleep at the start of the night was significantly associated with developing dementia.


Mercurial8 t1_jcj53mu wrote

Yay, my mild benefit of 02:00-06:00 not sleep!!


Foodums11 t1_jck4z6x wrote

40% lower incidence rate than the baseline 'good sleep' seems comparably significant to the 51% increase in dementia in the 'trouble falling asleep' category, no?


CogitusCreo t1_jcknv8q wrote

Sure does! Do you have a link to the study by chance? I'm going off what I recalled from the discussion, would love to see the actual numbers.


Foodums11 t1_jclwu4l wrote

If you go back to the post, the link to the actual study is right there in the posted article. Super easy for anyone to find if they can be bothered :)


CogitusCreo t1_jclymrw wrote

My friend, the challenge lies not in locating the link within the post. This is not a helpful take.


Foodums11 t1_jcmkp1j wrote

It's the modern era and we both saw the link. It's not my job to educate you and frankly I have no interest in doing so.

Why should I go back through the links and posts when you're too lazy? What makes you so special that knowledge must be spoonfed to you like a baby bird? This is pathetic. Read.


ALPHAGINGER74 t1_jcf9dmd wrote

Have a bunch of kids? GOOD LUCK!


FakeCurlyGherkin t1_jch986k wrote

So they were right when they said insanity was hereditary, and you got it from your kids


Psilo_Cyan t1_jcf8xso wrote

When is poor sleep good for brain health?


sprocketous t1_jcfl2ve wrote

Also, poor diet is bad for nutrition!


MuddyFinish t1_jcftre5 wrote

Low amount of exercise could be linked to lower muscle mass!


Z0idberg_MD t1_jcfsvct wrote

I think what was surprising was what is considered "poor" sleep health. Apparently, napping? My layman's guess it that people who nap usually needed more core sleep, so the real impairment comes from the lack of overall core sleep.


RustyShrekLord t1_jcgtmyx wrote

Not only do people who need sleep nap, but napping makes getting continuous sleep at night more difficult


MissingScore777 t1_jcfdgbc wrote

Always got between 7 and 7.5hrs of sleep until I had kids.

Rarely managed more than 5hrs in the 4 years since. I feel less healthy and just in all round worse shape both physically and mentally.


TurtleAir t1_jcgcqzu wrote

Would you go as far to say that you regret having kids?


MissingScore777 t1_jcgf1qy wrote

I'm going to elaborate rather than immediately go yes or no.

The eldest's sleep is improving all the time and she is also adding less of a daily mental load as she becomes more independent. We are just still in the thick of it with the youngest is the issue.

So as long as my condition doesn't deteriorate in the next year or two and the youngest improves in line with his sister then my answer is no. I do not regret kids.

If for whatever reason lack of sleep or the 24/7 intense parenting babies and toddlers require continued for a lot longer than I'm expecting then I would start to move closer to yes.

For background info I am the father and primary parent despite working FT. I would say it's about a 60/40 split in responsibility towards me. That is obviously a lot more involved than fathers have been historically. Someone in a situation where they were a lot less involved might feel differently.

And finally I should say that I have had a vasectomy as I am 100% certain I do not want any more.


youritalianjob t1_jchb7dj wrote

Pretty much my experience as well except I'm closer to a 50/50 split. I usually get around 5-6 hours most nights myself but definitely need more based on how I feel throughout the day. I haven't gotten a full 8 in a few years.


BooBeeAttack t1_jcfinob wrote

Now tell our employers.


vandealex1 t1_jci1kz1 wrote

Instructions unclear, employer scheduled me for overtime.


chrisdh79 OP t1_jcf4el6 wrote

From the article: The study looked at the sleep habits of over 29,000 people aged between 37 and 73 and could provide the basis for helping to combat major diseases like dementia.

According to lead author and PhD candidate Dr Tergel Namsrai, it’s not just lack of sleep that can impair brain health.

“Getting more than nine hours of sleep a day or less than six hours were both associated with lower brain volume and cognitive measures – crucial for things like reaction time and memory,” Dr Namsrai said.

“Daytime dozing was also associated with some of these indicators of impaired brain health.”

Dr Namsrai said there needs to be greater focus on the links between sleep and brain health, as well as more research into ways to improve sleep.

“The mechanisms underlying the link between sleep and brain health are not well understood – there’s a lot of work to be done,” she said.

“But our study shows it could be an important target if we want to improve brain health into old age and delay the onset of dementia."

Dementia is among the world’s leading causes of death worldwide and is expected to impact 150 million people by 2050.


elmatador12 t1_jcgxz0j wrote

Wait so if I’m reading this right, this study showed that taking naps is associated with impaired brain health? Crazy.


frawgletz t1_jci61o4 wrote

I would guess it's more like feeling that you need to take naps all the time is a bad sign


Thomo251 t1_jcihfif wrote

I think dozing is unintentional sleep, where as napping is intentional. Makes sense that being so tired you fall to sleep unintentionally is detrimental to brain health.


GrimChaos t1_jcft2d0 wrote

This is may be why I can't remember anything anymore... It's bad enough, I'm getting a little worried.


Dave5876 t1_jcfkd8a wrote

Mfw I'm reading this at 4 in the morning


ralanr t1_jcg6rom wrote

As a child, I was frustrated because I thought adults were slow and didn’t understand anything.

As an adult, I understand why that’s the case.


mikehawk1988 t1_jci7lyp wrote

Yes. My mind used to be razor sharp and quick when I was younger than 12. It's just crazy.


Zarimus t1_jcfdq1v wrote

Or does poor mental health contribute to bad sleep habits?


Mercurial8 t1_jcj5c2a wrote

Brain health and mental health aren’t the same.


Fat_flounder t1_jcfmya3 wrote

Anybody else not like sleeping because they feel it is a waste of time?


The-King-Meruem t1_jcg4dyv wrote

People that think sleep is a waste of time often forget that it is thanks to sleep that we can live as long as we do . So no , sleep actually give you time .


JohnGod t1_jcfrzry wrote

As a parent with small kids, sacrificing sleep to have a few quiet hours with no tiny supervisors is an easy choice. Sleep is a waste of time when I could be doing literally anything else. I'll change my time when I can't remember my own name, but for now it's a waste of time.


Negative_Equity t1_jch0opk wrote

I needed to read this. I have a 6 and 3 year old and I love sleep but I'm definitely staying up til 1am playing video games with my mates from 10pm when the little shits are asleep. It's the only 'me time' I get.


Fat_flounder t1_jcvlazk wrote

I also have a 3 year-old. If she wakes up to pee I’m screwed because I can’t go back to sleep. Between a full-time job and being a dad I overindulge in my hobbies when the time is available. I’ve had a sleeping problem since I was a teenager. I guess this messes up my plans for living to be 99 like my grandfather.


hotassnuts t1_jchtmzi wrote

So having kids and sleeping 3hrs a night for a couple years makes a person unhealthy?

Say it ain't so.


ZombieRaccoon t1_jcgi266 wrote

How do they know how people slept during the middle ages??


SaltySaltySultan t1_jchd25z wrote

People from that time had devices that could record the happenings of their times. Oft forgotten these tools were called pen and paper


panairesdoas t1_jcf682o wrote

This study is a great reminder of the importance of getting enough sleep - especially in middle age. Poor sleep has been linked to a variety of health issues, including brain health, and this research provides further evidence that sleep is an important factor in overall health and wellbeing. It's definitely something to keep in mind as we age and take steps to ensure we get enough quality sleep.


Ididntbreakanyrules t1_jchitgo wrote

I have my 1st son at 36 and And my last daughter at 45. I'm f*****.


L-W-J t1_jchyrmy wrote

Great. Not exactly uplifting news for an insomniac.


AbruptionDoctrine t1_jcg4hek wrote

Can someone please send this to my upstairs neighbor


NefariousSeal t1_jcgoiq0 wrote

I think poor sleep at any age has a negative impact on brain health, right?


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idispensemeds2 t1_jchview wrote

Good thing nowadays because of socioeconomic factors and advancing maternal age we tend to raise children and get the least amount of sleep in our lives near middle age. That's neat!


chzygorditacrnch t1_jci5xip wrote

This makes sense to me. I can't sleep because I have real bad nightmares that wake me up every hour and I've noticed a downfall in my cognitive functions


StarGraz3r84 t1_jci60tg wrote

Starting to think everyone should use a CPAP.


noeldc t1_jciievu wrote

No wonder I'm going loopy.


DrRob t1_jcipvia wrote

Yes, great, thanks. Got a magic sleeping charm you can lend me?


shankster1987 t1_jciwzi3 wrote

Sleep is the #1 indicator for longevity.


-aggrosaur- t1_jcjadwg wrote

Breaking: Thirds shift workers everywhere concur.


DormeDwayne t1_jcjk7nx wrote

My whole takeaway from this study is that I turn middle age next Thursday and it hurts.


jdragun2 t1_jcjoika wrote

Welp I work graveyard at night and spend days with my five year old and sleep an average of three to five hours. Guess I am screwed being over forty and living this way.


thirdtimenow t1_jcklmic wrote

Poor sleep at any stage can have an negative impact