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mrbrendanblack t1_jcf5ben wrote

A great thing to read right before bed. Night!


porgy_tirebiter t1_jcf82ey wrote

I swear a few days ago someone posted an article that said insomnia was associated with lower risk of dementia.


CogitusCreo t1_jcf92tx wrote

Inability to fall back to sleep after waking at night was mildly negatively associated with dementia, but didn't seem very significant. Inability to fall asleep at the start of the night was significantly associated with developing dementia.


Mercurial8 t1_jcj53mu wrote

Yay, my mild benefit of 02:00-06:00 not sleep!!


Foodums11 t1_jck4z6x wrote

40% lower incidence rate than the baseline 'good sleep' seems comparably significant to the 51% increase in dementia in the 'trouble falling asleep' category, no?


CogitusCreo t1_jcknv8q wrote

Sure does! Do you have a link to the study by chance? I'm going off what I recalled from the discussion, would love to see the actual numbers.


Foodums11 t1_jclwu4l wrote

If you go back to the post, the link to the actual study is right there in the posted article. Super easy for anyone to find if they can be bothered :)


CogitusCreo t1_jclymrw wrote

My friend, the challenge lies not in locating the link within the post. This is not a helpful take.


Foodums11 t1_jcmkp1j wrote

It's the modern era and we both saw the link. It's not my job to educate you and frankly I have no interest in doing so.

Why should I go back through the links and posts when you're too lazy? What makes you so special that knowledge must be spoonfed to you like a baby bird? This is pathetic. Read.