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Wagamaga OP t1_je62cgx wrote

Recent research offers both bad and good news on the issue.

Two separate studies from the same researcher found that firearms deaths involving preschool-aged children had increased at an alarmingly high rate in the United States in the past decade, but state laws may help curb shooting deaths among young children.

"Firearms are among the top causes of death for American children now, and no other industrialized nation has such high rates of firearm deaths," said researcher Jagdish Khubchandani, a professor of public health at New Mexico State University.

In the first study, published in the Journal of Community Health, Khubchandani and co-author James Price from the University of Toledo tracked changes in firearm death trends in preschool children from 2010 to 2020.

The study found that 1,220 children were shot and killed during that period. Firearm death rates among preschoolers increased by 75%.

About 66% of all firearm deaths in preschool children were homicides, 30% were unintentional deaths and 4% were undetermined, according to the study.

Homicides caused the most firearm deaths among white children, 61%; Black children, 65%; and Hispanic children, 81%.

"The data indicates that the worsening epidemic of firearm violence is not just limited to youth and adults, it is also affecting very young children," Khubchandani said in a university news release. "Our findings show that since the past decade, we have been losing almost 10 children every month due to firearm injuries. To prevent this problem, we will need inter-sectoral approaches, with participation from families, health care providers and policymakers."


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But not if you have your medical mj card. Totally fine if you’re an alcoholic or on opiates, but can’t have both a concealed carry & medical card.


soundscream t1_je7he77 wrote

That's a federal thing, states can't override that.


gameforming t1_jea03d4 wrote

Well, marijuana is illegal at the federal level, but some states have decided that they can declare it legal...


soundscream t1_jeacn1w wrote

yes, but you don't have to go through a federal background check to buy weed at a dispensary and the ATF hasn't decided to enforce the T part of their name there, but you try to go around the background check for a firearm and they'll be at your door shooting your dogs in no time.


gameforming t1_jeag5em wrote

It is possible and legal to buy a firearm without a background check in the US. Not disagreeing with the picture you painted, just sayin.


soundscream t1_jealgax wrote

Not from a gun store. Private sale, yes. Noone in thier right mind risks an FFL and a visit from the atf to sell a gun. He'll, if I owned a gun store I wouldnt sell a personal firearm to a friend w/o check just to make sure the feds don't show up. Your point is valid that there are ways around that check but using those avenues have strict lanes to stay in and I can't see a state passing a law that any ffl dealer would lean on to get around it.


InternetPeon t1_je63zhu wrote

Yeeeehaw! It’s the Wild West again lil’ pardner!


darkbee83 t1_je656vy wrote

Even the Wild West had more gun laws than some states do now.


N8CCRG t1_je7iecc wrote

Yup. Concealed carry was recognized as something only criminals would do. It wasn't until the 1970s/80s when the NRA saw gun sales lagging that they made a push to try to promote the legalization of concealed carry (while simultaneously pushing stories of "you and your families are in danger of random acts of violence from those people, you need to 'protect' yourself!").


r-reading-my-comment t1_je73nmo wrote

Yes… many towns did many things not allowed by the constitution.


jonny_eh t1_je7z6qk wrote

> Well regulated militia


r-reading-my-comment t1_jee8akn wrote

Well regulated militia- one that has military grade arms.

This is blatantly obvious from our 18th-19th century FEDERAL laws, which did things like requiring American males to be able to arm themselves with a rifle or musket in a short period of time. Hell, you could even buy cannons… that’s artillery.

Now find me a federal law that requires a U.S. militia member to be trained, or that limited their access to guns. One from back in the day.


Aeseld t1_je7ph6h wrote

Number 26 to do so. Twenty sixth state. Far from just Florida.