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N8CCRG t1_je7iecc wrote

Yup. Concealed carry was recognized as something only criminals would do. It wasn't until the 1970s/80s when the NRA saw gun sales lagging that they made a push to try to promote the legalization of concealed carry (while simultaneously pushing stories of "you and your families are in danger of random acts of violence from those people, you need to 'protect' yourself!").


r-reading-my-comment t1_je73nmo wrote

Yes… many towns did many things not allowed by the constitution.


jonny_eh t1_je7z6qk wrote

> Well regulated militia


r-reading-my-comment t1_jee8akn wrote

Well regulated militia- one that has military grade arms.

This is blatantly obvious from our 18th-19th century FEDERAL laws, which did things like requiring American males to be able to arm themselves with a rifle or musket in a short period of time. Hell, you could even buy cannons… that’s artillery.

Now find me a federal law that requires a U.S. militia member to be trained, or that limited their access to guns. One from back in the day.