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Zealousideal_Word770 t1_je6e8ft wrote

In Iowa we just made conceal carry legal w/o ANY permitting/training requirements. So probably not.


SHALL_NOT_BE_REEE t1_je6xkkq wrote

Over half of US states have implemented similar laws and so far haven’t seen any consequences. I’d be very interested to see if there’s any sort of correlation between concealed carry laws and gun violence, considering a majority of states in America were either may-issue or no-issue 20 years ago and the homicide rate in America didn’t start climbing until very recently.


monkeyfrog987 t1_je74dym wrote

You haven't seen any consequences?

The assault weapons ban was allowed to expire by Republicans and now every mass shooter uses an AR-15 to carry out the attack.

It's scientifically proven that more guns correlate to a higher increase in gun deaths by suicide, homicide and accidental shootings.

With a state allowed for permittless carry then you can expect those numbers to go up in those states.


soundscream t1_je7hk1o wrote

> mass shooter uses an AR-15 to carry out the attack.

Assault weapons ban didn't ban the ar-15 and most mass shootings are with handguns per the cdc.


monkeyfrog987 t1_je7ktet wrote

The 1994 assault weapons ban signed by Bill Clinton included the original AR-15. Yes, there was loopholes in that allowed copies but the original AR-15 was banned in that capacity.

As for the statement that most mass shooters are done with handguns, that could be correct but the most widely known and the ones were discussing here were all with the AR-15.

Hell the Uvalde cops admitted they didn't go in to the school because the shooter had an AR-15.


soundscream t1_je821rn wrote

The Colt-AR15 as it existed was banned, but simply changing to a non-threaded barrel and a non-colapsable stock was all you had to do. Thats like banning red cars with 20inch tires and claiming that blue cars with 21 inch tires are completely different.

My point is the FAWB didn't and wouldn't stop this sort of stuff from happenning.

Uvalde cops were cowards and the ar-15 was an excuse. The ar the person in tennesse had didn't stop those cops from going in.


monkeyfrog987 t1_je87r5o wrote

My only other statement is I love when people that are so deep in gun culture that they think that knowing the technical difference between these guns is the point and they get lost in the weeds.

Point is that we're the only country on the planet that has this problem and that children are regularly dying in places that they should be safe. The fact that the number one cause of death for children and teens in the United States is guns is completely lost on people like you.

Rather have some sort of semantic conversation about style and type instead of the overall thinking that there's a problem with guns in general.


monkeyfrog987 t1_je87hkx wrote

I hope you're as adamant about not banning drag, trans, gay people in general, CRT or any of the other things that Republicans want to ban as you are about guns.

If it's not the guns, and banning them won't do anything then the rest of it gets thrown out with the bath water as well.


soundscream t1_je9cmkh wrote

My comment was just that the assault weapons ban was 99% useless, and that handguns are the bigger issue but are largely ignored.


soundscream t1_je9cu1j wrote

I made no comment about banning or not banning anything. My only point was just that the assault weapons ban was 99% useless, and that handguns are the bigger issue but are largely ignored.