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SHALL_NOT_BE_REEE t1_je6x7ux wrote

How exactly are Republicans putting more guns in the streets? A majority of surges in gun sales are a result of talks of gun control. For example right now in Washington guns are selling like crazy specifically because the state just passed an assault weapons ban.

Notably the study doesn’t say anything about assault weapons bans, which are the number one driver of gun sale frenzies.

And one of the countermeasures mentioned in this study is red flag laws, which have very questionable legality. They’re laws that allow a judge to order police to search and seize an individual’s property without a warrant or probable cause.


fitzroy95 t1_je7e704 wrote

More open carry laws, must issue laws, concealed carry laws etc

all of which support more people carrying firearms in public, concealed or openly.

> A majority of surges in gun sales are a result of talks of gun control.

Indeed, usually driven by fearmongering, scaremongering, propaganda and misinformation from right-wing politicians and corporate media like Fox etc


monkeyfrog987 t1_je74o9e wrote

I just checked out the subs you follow, you're not worth the time to explain anything else to.

Clearly basics are outside your grasp.


Notyalc0230 t1_je732h0 wrote

This is about the dumbest thing I've ever heard. I wish stupid people would go back to keeping their thoughts to themselves.


monkeyfrog987 t1_je7cekp wrote

You say this on Reddit and not note the irony, do you?