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M00n_Slippers t1_jectoo2 wrote

Wow, okay. I see you've clearly chosen the Republican side. You can pretend you're a fence sitter but you're on the side of guns, book bans, anti-women and lgbt rights, and so-called 'states rights' AKA the ability to be racist and homophobic without anyone to stop you. You made yourself out to be moderate but you're clearly not, my mistake.


Brewcrew828 t1_jecvvxr wrote

You clearly haven't read anything I've said.

Not everyone who doesn't agree with you is for everything you're against.

I told you that I didn't need to tell you the problems with the Republican party. You have stated all the things wrong with the Republican party.

Wanting to protect myself from having my second amendment rights from being infringed and wanting to be protected from the Federal government under the 10th amendment IN ALL APPLICABLE CASES doesn't make me a Republican supporter.

I'm a Libertarian with extra steps.

The people need to be able to be accurately represented. People in California live and believe differently than in Texas and the only way this Country functions is when both are left to represent themselves with what is left to them under the 10th.

That doesn't mean I'm supporting any of the things you are talking about and I would never cast a vote towards any of that. I will, however, still respect those states' decisions with how they want to be represented in their own state.

It's none of my business what some other people in another state think, believe, or how they vote. Just like I think it's none of my business what someone does in their bedroom with whoever they choose. That doesn't mean they can't think differently and to force them into submission is un-American.