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Criticalhit_jk t1_jcniy9o wrote

And this, despite overwhelming evidence that shows they could be making more money if only their employees were well rested, well fed, well clothed, well homed and well educated.

You hear it alot, but it's always true. The cruelty is the point. They don't care how much they have - after a certain point increasing your buying power is meaningless after all. It's about having more than you and they'll go out of their way to stomp on the heads of anyone treading water to keep you there. They like how it feels


esotsmer t1_jcr7jvz wrote

It does not matter how much evidence you provide them


draculamilktoast t1_jcpd1bv wrote

If you're a billionaire and your victim has $1000, it's easier to take $500 away from them than to make another billion, because ultimately only relative wealth matters to human beings. If you're the victim, it's better to perform poorly by not taking breaks because you can claim to have done nothing wrong while punishing your owner by performing poorly. Working extremely hard without producing actual results is basically a form of quiet quitting which is immune to detection because all metrics point towards the quiet quitter being extremely productive.


greendude90 t1_jcqmm7k wrote

The system is designed in the favour of managers and corporates