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Coca-colonization t1_jcksvh8 wrote

Lots of medicines I’ve encountered are like that. Especially children’s medicines. I guess it’s because the bottles are so small and the dosage info is so long due to all the variations by age and weight (not that this is a good solution—just the reason I suspect they do this). It’s tons of fun peeling the label back on children’s Tylenol in the middle of the night with one hand while holding a sick toddler with the other. And you have to check because they are growing and their dosage may be different from the last time.

Of course it’s not just kids’ meds. I’m sure it’s also great fun for arthritic people to try to peel back the label on their nsaids.


Kaeny t1_jcl9g93 wrote

No they put the warnings, uses, more warnings, nutritional value, then the directions