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Rozoy t1_jee2q12 wrote

Sorry for being stupid, but I assume the depressive symptoms come because of getting too little vitamin K and not the other way around?


badjokemonday t1_jeebg3g wrote

All they present is a simple correlation so they can't say one variable causes the other. This is not a very good study. I have a feeling they looked at a bunch of variables and this one they found was statistically significant so they wrote a paper on it. I would not pay any attention to this finding unless you are researcher and can create a better study to explore this initial findings.


continentalgrip t1_jeekka1 wrote

You have a feeling they found a significant variable? How else would you do it? Are you going to randomize people to eat or not eat green vegetables?


CogitusCreo t1_jeer5sq wrote

"We observed a significant inverse linear relationship between vitamin K intake and depressive symptoms"