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[deleted] t1_jdzz3d7 wrote

Is this a result of low oxygen levels, or some other issue?


Andire t1_je0k0md wrote

Could be. Your brain also goes through a ["wash cycle"](,occurs%20primarily%20during%20deep%20sleep.) while you sleep that gets rid of toxins and waste products. But only during deep sleep, so it's possible not having access to consistent deep sleep would lead to inflammation and either degradation or slower development of the outer brain tissue that's mostly in contact with the fluids being "cleaned". There was a really cool video/gif of a scan that captured this process, so I'll see if I can find it.

Edit: I found it! Attached to an article from NIH - "Discovering the Brain’s Nightly “Rinse Cycle”".


creamonbretonbussy t1_je14yhu wrote

For the past 6 years I've been cheated of a full "wash cycle"


Khfreak7526 t1_je2kjyo wrote

Going on 15 for me.


creamonbretonbussy t1_je2o3sm wrote

Anything in the way of tips?


Khfreak7526 t1_je2o90f wrote

No I've given up.


creamonbretonbussy t1_je3aa25 wrote

Damn. I'm sorry to hear that. I don't blame you one bit though, in my first 2 years I went through half a dozen doctors and got nowhere, so I've just about quit too.


Andire t1_je45cbh wrote

Highly recommend you see your Dr and ask about doing a sleep study. They'll be able to determine if you have a common sleep disorder like sleep apnea, or need to see someone else for further study. HIGHLY recommend!!


ObeyCoffeeDrinkSatan t1_je14yg7 wrote

This is weird. Whenever antidepressants kick in, for a couple of days I'll wake up and feel like my brain has been deep cleaned. Like it was filled with a cleaning fluid overnight. Had no idea it was actually a thing.


alwayslatetotheparty t1_je2jdzm wrote

Mind if I ask which one(s) you take?


ObeyCoffeeDrinkSatan t1_je3d2s0 wrote


I feel like it's most beneficial during that initial period when it kicks in. I've gone off and on it several times; additionally, alcohol seems to stop it working.

If they could somehow harness that consistently, it would be amazing.


SOwED t1_je0miri wrote

I would expect it to be high CO2 levels in the blood. Your SpO2 gets back to normal after not too long once you're awake and breathing normally, but CO2 levels remain elevated and reach a steady state level that is abnormally high.

I remember seeing a post here about room ventilation in schools and students performing better with a window open because of CO2 levels as well.


[deleted] t1_je0o0ek wrote

Hmmm. So I’ve been told I snore, and always have. I do apparently stop breathing at times. I got an Apple watch to monitor my oxygen levels and they don’t go below 90 when I sleep. But it may be high co2 that is the worry? Which the watch doesn’t test obviously. Great. I’m doomed. Also; breath holding as in swimming or diving, that could be doing brain damage?


Eelwithzeal t1_je0qam6 wrote

Get a sleep study done. I did and only got 5 hrs of sleep because they’re always waking you up to adjust your mask and air pressure. Swear to God it felt like I slept for 12 hours. I’ve never felt more alert in my life without any caffeine.

I’m less anxious during the day. I have less nightmares. My cpap changed my life.


DadBodBallerina t1_je114e6 wrote

Hard second this. I'm 3 years into using mine. It puts me to sleep now.


SOwED t1_je0wdtk wrote

>I do apparently stop breathing at times.

Not breathing is what apnea means. Also, 90 is pretty low...


Revlis-TK421 t1_je1aycj wrote

Seconding going to get a sleep study. The hassle of a CPAP is completely worth it if you have sleep apnea. That first week of sleep after getting used to the mask is glorious. You don't realize how exhausted and tired you are through the day if you aren't sleeping well due to apnea.

And unless you are spending man hours a day, every day, holding your breath for extended periods of time then no, you shouldn't be doing any quantifiable damage.


Aggravating-Prize-73 t1_je1uwms wrote

Sleep tech here - get a sleep study done! Your watch is not a doctor, but for sure providing you with info you could and should discuss with one.


[deleted] t1_je25gsj wrote

I’ll ask my GP when I go in for labs next month.


Active_Remove1617 t1_je1wmtx wrote

I don’t rate the Apple Watch oxygen monitoring. It only samples about 10 times in a single nightly sleep period. I sometimes wear an oxygen monitor and it never correlates with the watch. I’m on CPAP too.


[deleted] t1_je253pz wrote

Hmmm. Ok. Good to know. Is there a setting to make it check more often?


Active_Remove1617 t1_je26hyq wrote

Nope. It’s a very poor attempt. Maybe in future updates.


[deleted] t1_je2d9k0 wrote

Beh. That’s why I got the thing, really. To check my sleeping.


Active_Remove1617 t1_je2ek8i wrote

Me too. That and the ECG function.


[deleted] t1_je2fky4 wrote

Well don’t tell me THATS stupid too?


Active_Remove1617 t1_je2go01 wrote

No,I hear that’s really good. Top class. This makes the O2 poor performance all the more lamentable. The o2 measuring is actually accurate but the sample rate is awful.