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Individual-Ad-6624 t1_je0599n wrote

There is a similar condition involving the nose called Rhinitis.,and%20impaired%20quality%20of%20life


Andire t1_je0l531 wrote

This article specifically talks about allergic rhinitis, which is rhinitis, or nose inflammation, specifically caused by allergies. It's real talk, I have it myself sadly and have done sleep studies thinking it was sleep apnea, but apparently sleep apnea only counts for airway obstructions in your throat, not your nose. So there's no treatment for me besides surgery and hoping for the best.


SOwED t1_je0mpot wrote

Brutal. I have both of them and have had a surgery for the nose. It's not the worst recovery, and I still breathe much better through my nose than I ever did before.


lookamazed t1_je0o48n wrote

Wouldn’t a pap machine be considered treatment? Excuse my ignorance.


lakuma t1_je1c4mi wrote

For those who are interested, here are two procedures with minimal invasiveness that can be done in the doctor's office.



I've only had the RhinAer procedure which helped but didn't fix my specific issue. I might try the ClariFix to see if it will help with the inflammation every single night.