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Cyathem t1_je0f985 wrote

Just had surgery to correct my OSA two months ago, at 31 years old. It's also REALLY bad for your heart. Glad to hear that the damage might be reversible. Wish I could have had the surgery sooner but US healthcare be like $$$.


silent_thinker t1_je0hezn wrote

What surgery? I’ve had a few that haven’t worked.


Cyathem t1_je0n0lu wrote

I had a deviated septum corrected and they removed some tissue in my frontal sinus to open space. My OSA was partially caused by a chronic sinus inflammation due to low airflow in some areas.


ZiltoidTheOmniscient t1_je0qyk7 wrote

I was told that I also have inflamed tissue but the doctor said there's nothing that can be done except for a possible wait list for several years for surgery and even then, it might not solve the issue. I snore loudly, my boyfriend comments on it almost daily. I'm so exhausted daily and have such a bad memory that I had a test done and it's a diagnosed disability. Maybe I should look into other countries who can do the surgery sooner, if it changed your life? I'm desperate for relief


Cyathem t1_je0ts1u wrote

I have a friend that lives in LA but went to Mexico for dental work. Maybe something like that is possible in your situation?


MrMitchWeaver t1_je3jkyo wrote

Look for countries with good healthcare and a favorable exchange rate. I know a lot of foreigners come to Argentina to get procedures. Even our expensive private medicine is accessible to them due to the exchange rate difference.


ThePortalsOfFrenzy t1_je0qd76 wrote

Purely anecdotal, but I had this surgery and the result was favorable for only a limited time (>1 year). My friend had a similar experience.


KingKongAintGotShitt t1_je25feg wrote

I’m curious because I also have OSA, what did you mean by “low airflow in some areas?” I think I also might have chronic sinus inflammation.


iFootball_iTennis t1_je0fqe6 wrote

Good for you! How expensive was it?


Cyathem t1_je0n7ts wrote

I moved to Germany and had the surgery here. I only paid a bit for the hospital stay and a bit for the medicine from the pharmacy. Maybe €30-50 total. Everything else was covered by insurance because it was prescribed as "curative" treatment by my ENT.


skudgee t1_je0ql4u wrote

I have a myriad of problems with my respiratory system

  • Severe central sleep apnea (I even lost 6 stone, 80 lb for Americans and I still have severe central sleep apnea)
  • Deviated septum
  • Nasal polyps
  • Asthma
  • Loads of other symptoms because I’m a mouth breather, like inflamed gums etc.

I’m trying to at least get surgery for my deviated septum and nasal polyps to relieve some of the pressure surrounding my nasal passages. How did you find it after your surgery?


JacenGraff t1_je0r2pa wrote

My understanding is that central apneas are caused by the brain, rather than obstructive apneas which are caused by tissue. Could be wrong, but that's what my sleep specialist told me when I was getting checked out. So weight wouldn't have anything to do with central apneas.


skudgee t1_je0rlxy wrote

You’re correct. Less than 1% of the general population have severe central sleep apnea (yay to been part of the exclusive club). But my specialist said that it might be worth trying to lose weight to bring other health benefits to my life.

I was low-key praying that I was misdiagnosed with central and I had obstructive instead, but nope.


JacenGraff t1_je0s8kc wrote

That's fair, and I'm sorry to hear that you're going through that. I hope treatment goes well for you!


DamagedGenius t1_je1alo7 wrote

There's some implants that I'm hoping will work for central apnea one day