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chiisana t1_je0fva0 wrote

I’m underweight and have a pretty severe case with over 30 events per hour. Using the machine brings it down to sub 10 (often sub 5), but it’s been more than a year and I still unconsciously remove the mask each night. Sounds like your treatment is very successful, any tips on keeping it on?


agnostic_universe t1_je0k0v0 wrote

30 per hour is on the lower end of the moderate scale, believe it or not. I was at about 120 before getting a CPAP


TragicNut t1_je0skxr wrote

Try different masks? If you're physically uncomfortable, you're more likely to remove it. Also, is your pillow pushing your mask against your face?

I've found that I'm most comfortable with a nasal cradle that also covers my mouth (resmed f30i.) I don't really want something pushing into my nose (nasal pillows) or resting on the bridge so that narrowed it down a lot for me. I'd prefer a simple nasal cradle (like the n30i) but my lips don't stay sealed when I sleep so I need the mouth coverage or I end up dumping a ton of air out of my mouth.


chiisana t1_je1l7ye wrote

Thanks for this. I’m using F&P Eson2 right now. The other one they gave me originally felt like having air lances going up my nose and was totally unbearable. I’ll try a full face with mouth one next time I get new mask!


TragicNut t1_je1q5n9 wrote

Sadly, this is one of those things that varies hugely from person to person. I lucked out and found one I like on the second try, one of my friends took 4 tries to find one for her.


brihone t1_je11peg wrote

I was struggling with the same issue over the last year. Some nights I'd wake up with it on, but most nights I'd pull it off after maybe 3 or 4 hours. Sometimes less. Tried several different masks. None are significantly more comfortable.

Not sure if this applies to you at all, but I quit drinking almost entirely and started hitting the gym regularly and it doesn't seem to be a problem anymore.

The mask is still uncomfortable. I don't think it'll ever be truly comfortable. But I guess I sleep deeply enough now that I don't get into that half awake place and take it off.

I had been drinking pretty regularly. Not always a lot, but pretty much one or two every night with occasional big nights.

I'm feeling more rested, but that could be a result of the exercise, less drinking or more CPAP consistency. Probably a combo of all 3.


chiisana t1_je1krf6 wrote

Thank you for this. I don’t drink but maybe working out more will help!


IdesOfMarchCometh t1_je0uf90 wrote

Like someone else wrote, try another mask. I tried a bunch but settled on the dream ware nasal pillow. Seems to work very well. Also i would avoid CPAPs from Philips assuming they haven't improved from the system one.


chiisana t1_je1l0no wrote

I tried a couple. The one they originally gave me was terrible — they’re like air lances going up my nose haha. I’m using F&P Eson2 now and am able to keep 3-5hrs depending how deep I sleep (melatonin + L-Theanine helps a little).