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ZiltoidTheOmniscient t1_je0qyk7 wrote

I was told that I also have inflamed tissue but the doctor said there's nothing that can be done except for a possible wait list for several years for surgery and even then, it might not solve the issue. I snore loudly, my boyfriend comments on it almost daily. I'm so exhausted daily and have such a bad memory that I had a test done and it's a diagnosed disability. Maybe I should look into other countries who can do the surgery sooner, if it changed your life? I'm desperate for relief


Cyathem t1_je0ts1u wrote

I have a friend that lives in LA but went to Mexico for dental work. Maybe something like that is possible in your situation?


MrMitchWeaver t1_je3jkyo wrote

Look for countries with good healthcare and a favorable exchange rate. I know a lot of foreigners come to Argentina to get procedures. Even our expensive private medicine is accessible to them due to the exchange rate difference.