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Brain_Hawk t1_jeah9f2 wrote

I can understand that. I'm not a big fan most art that you would find in galleries, I don't understand it and I don't think it really speaks to me. But I can understand how if you think of the right context it can help you, on a particular if you think about the technique and how the artists use certain tricks displayed some skillet can enhance the value of the art, or your appreciation

It's like how a musician will appreciate certain musical compositions for their challenging nature or for the way they break conventions or do something interesting or new.

I work in research, and when I see a really elegant research design, I always appreciate the study a bit more. Is somebody from the outside world who doesn't see that elegance as easily because it's outside their experience probably would not feel the same. On the contrary, they might find it a little disconcerting because it's easy to misunderstand or it sounds confusing or whatever.

At any rate, whatever works for people is what works for people.