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newsreadhjw t1_jeb0cpa wrote

I’m a little surprised the way this is written as if it’s some kind of discovery that egg protein was found in paint. Painters have been using egg tempera technique for a really long time. I’m no art expert but I did catch an Andrew Wyeth exhibit once and I remember they talked about this a lot. I thought it was well understood how this worked.


alienbaconhybrid t1_jedk4mb wrote

Yeah, I read the original study which is about how they added egg to their oil paints. Egg tempera involves just egg or milk.

I’ve never heard of that, but the old masters shared their techniques with apprentices in their studios and not with historians.

Only in the last 30 years have we realized they were all using lenses. So, we’re still working out how they did what they did.


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Jeffery_G t1_jef170e wrote

“The Girl with the Pearl Earring” ~ The title sequence shows her making the maestro’s paint in the morning, snipping an egg yolk to add protein. “Home for the Holidays” ~ The title sequence shows Holly Hunter doing the same thing.



mini-z1994 t1_je9jynb wrote

Wonder if it was too just get a thicker consistency without removing pigmentation or colorshade in a cheap way.


alienbaconhybrid t1_jef2kcw wrote

The chemistry is more complex. The protein creates microstructures in the paint allowing better impasto or thick, textured applications of paint, among other effects.


squishopotamus t1_jeaf7xs wrote

Kurt Cobain added some protein to his paintings as well.