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SuppaCoup t1_jdb038n wrote

interesting, any oncologists here who can speculate on where this could lead or how it would be used? My uneducated thoughts are that perhaps people with especially nasty cancers would get a stiff dose of chemo and then follow it up with regular infusions of this drug to make the cancer coming back much less likely, also perhaps this could allow a person a longer rest period between bouts of chemo?


SaltZookeepergame691 t1_jdbrkvk wrote

Not an oncologist, but it’s far too early to tell. They saw no tumour responses, and the length of response in a couple of patients could easily just be chance.

They are now running a (single arm) trial in patients with platinum sensitive ovarian cancer in conjunction with platinum chemotherapy, so they clearly see this as an adjunctive therapy. But as said elsewhere, there is a huge way to go from phase 1 to rolling out an actually effective drug that provides net benefits to patients.


veltcardio2 t1_jdejmko wrote

Oncologist here. This is a phase 1 trial, it can’t assess efficacy, there is no comparator here. Phase 1 trial exist to asses optimal dosage and safety, side effects, etc. Before it reaches a phase 3 trial (where it would be compared against another established therapy), it needs more testing. It’s too early to even know if it works and even it’s side effects, but it looks like something that should be further studied.