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Aceticon t1_iqo53tt wrote

I would really like to know how exactly these could help make smaller transistors in digital chips given that the current processes etch much smaller transistors in the sillicon substrate that the 50nm wire placements precision they've achieved with this process.

In fact, from all I know about chip manufacturing the only "wires" which are placed mechanically (rather than formed by chemical deposition) are the ones linking the chip pads to the pins in the chip package.


Altiloquent t1_iqo7ngs wrote

And no idea how they envision moving a billion nanowires per chip onto a stamp with essentially no errors. Seems like a useful tool for researching nanowire properties though


n3w4cc01_1nt t1_iqnv20u wrote

so it's safe to say there will be ar cellphone suinglasses in 5 yrs?


doctoreldritch t1_iqo0yz6 wrote

Maybe; research-to-market is usually more in the neighborhood of 10 years, but this is relevant to a big profitable industry so it may indeed get there faster than is typical.


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Bastdkat t1_iqp6tff wrote

Could these nanowires connect between stacked memory chips?