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joelypolly t1_iui8tq4 wrote

So your brain functions decline which causes your body to want to move less which leads to a decline in mental health. And decline in mental health has been known to cause further decline in brain functions.

There is no winning with getting old


Nigelwethers t1_iuiat6l wrote

You just fight yourself and do it all anyway. The biggest obstacle you have to overcome in life is yourself.


Anon_user666 t1_iujtl4r wrote

That's amazing. I prepared and placed a ghost bike for an 85 year old man who was told by his doctor to stay active to live longer. He was struck and killed by a driver while riding in his neighborhood. Life just isn't fair. I can only hope to have his gumption when I reach that age. It takes every bit of my willpower to just get out of bed. RIP Mr. Rucker


abe-health t1_iui84qq wrote

We conducted an epidemiological study of 611 older people aged 65 years and older and obtained the same data. People who have seen an improvement in physical functioning as measured by the SPPB test over 2.5 years have also seen an improvement in cognitive function as measured by the MMSE test. Unfortunately, this was an epidemiological study and we cannot say which improved first. However, the improvement in cognitive function with regular exercise can be explained in terms of physiological processes.

There is now increasing evidence that hearing correction in old age is also associated with cognitive improvement


CarmichaelD t1_iujr4hb wrote

Hearing correction? Do you mean hearing loss?


abe-health t1_iujsumy wrote

Yes, hearing loss is associated with a higher risk of cognitive decline. At the same time, hearing correction with hearing aids or surgical treatment leads to an improvement in cognitive functions.


abe-health t1_iuiace6 wrote

Several studues found that yoga has also been shown to improve/maintain cognitive function in older age


one t1_iuiw4op wrote

I believe yoga counts as a physical activity


grahad t1_iuivo13 wrote

Just to be clear, the study does not indicate that if you are physically active, you can influence your cognitive function. It said that older people who have a lower cognitive function are not as active as those with a normal function; This is not really surprising at all, but nice to have numbers.

I also like how the picture shows people running, but really they are asking the participants about basic movements like walking and gardening.


Puck85 t1_iukbeq7 wrote

I think it's an important study for that reason.

We see articles all the time that essentially say, "staying active keeps you mentally fit." But then the trope in this sub is to question the causality of that: maybe mental decline contributes to inactivity.

The causation could be backwards. Isn't that what this study suggests?


EPiiCx5587 t1_iujsyav wrote

Stephen Hawking: "Look what they need to mimic a fraction of my power"


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