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52electrons t1_iqrrb5h wrote

I would recommend understanding the contents of said diet to better understand that ‘high fat diet’ doesn’t just mean animal fats. There’s soybean oil and pig lard (also higher in linoleic acid than tallow) as the main energy sources.

I’m tired of these crap designed scientific studies lumping all fats as bad sources of energy. Break it down people, test it with and without linoleic acid and seed oils and then show us the results. Repeat this study with a diet of pure tallow for fats and show me the results.


seekknowledge4ever t1_iqrmn1f wrote

Have no clue what this gibberish means but it makes me think this research is sponsored by the Sugar industry.


Devil_May_Kare t1_iqrqis0 wrote

At a bare minimum it isn't a complete understanding, or else there wouldn't be so many reports of depressive symptoms lessening when people go on ketogenic diets (i.e., nearly all energy coming from dietary fat, and typically mostly animal fat).


aaronespro t1_iqrq97b wrote

Yeah, I can see how lots of saturated fat could cause inflammation related depressive symptoms, which is why the whole Mediterranean thing emphasizes fish and vegetable oils


52electrons t1_iqrrrrx wrote

They fed the rats soybean oil and pig lard which is a higher linoleic acid content animal fat. All in approximately 13-14% linoleic acid makeup. I’ll take their word for it but I would honestly like an independent source to validate that as I’ve seen sources testing modern lard at 20% linoleic acid alone (plus the soybean oil) so I’m not sure how this % is so low on their data sheet.


BafangFan t1_iqrxf0p wrote

The soybean oil industry acknowledges that soybean oil causes obesity - and they made a genetically modified soybean oil that causes less obesity than regular soybean oil.,of%20diabetes%20or%20fatty%20liver.

Conversely, full fat dairy products are more protective against obesity when compared to low fat or fat free dairy products,HSPH)%20nutrition%20expert%20Walter%20Willett.


karsa- t1_iqrh864 wrote

When you try to put the abstract in the title. This is a potentially very interesting result nevertheless.


Igot1forya t1_iqrmzjt wrote

I think the title just insulted me, but I can't be sure.


Scout--Typer t1_iqud5f1 wrote

"Now you're throwing big words at me. And since I can't understand them, I'm gonna take them as disrespect."


anime_lover713 t1_iqrqtk8 wrote

So basically a high-fat diet (HFD) induces metabolic disorders and depressive phenotypes in mice via a neural input found in the hippocampus (in which that said neural input is known to help fire up the dopamine receptors)


InspectorG-007 t1_iqrsao0 wrote

In mice... And how often do they eat lots of natural fats in their diets?


anime_lover713 t1_iqrvmad wrote

That I do not know and that would maybe be the control group. I'd have to read the entire report to find out. I so far got this much by skim reading the abstract of the study.


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theyipper t1_iqrnezi wrote

Woosh! over my molecules


ManasZankhana t1_iqrqqe8 wrote

Interesting would the fat in eggs also cause this? I used to eat 12 scramblers eggs every morning. After a few months the thought of eating sounded annoying. Low energy


hilarypcraw t1_iqrrkp2 wrote

I could only pronounce three or four of these words


Balthasar_Loscha t1_ircpd3q wrote

>High-fat diet a misnomer and actually describes high-carb+high-fat+caloric surplus. This isn't the effect of a ketogenic diet.


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InTheEndEntropyWins t1_iqrsdcn wrote

Wait isn't it the opposite. Removing comfort foods, increases emotional comfort.

>High-fat diet induces depression


PhotoPhilosopher1990 t1_iqrsza8 wrote

Fat isn't comfort food, its a constituent of a minor few


InTheEndEntropyWins t1_iqs0ga1 wrote

Comfort foods are generally high fat & high carb.

I'm not sure how your comment is related to this study, or any study.

Studies show switching to healthier helps prevent and treat depression.

>The diet may have a significant effect on preventing and treating depression for the individual. A diet that protects and promotes depression should consist of vegetables, fruits, fibre, fish, whole grains, legumes and less added sugar, and processed foods. In the public health nurse’s preventative and health-promoting work, support and assistance with changing people’s dietary habits may be effective in promoting depression. From