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Smooth_Imagination t1_it8sba8 wrote

Do you mean that the renters should get the interest component of their rent, assuming the landlord is mortgaged on that property, deducted from their tax?

I kind of think landlords should not be able to borrow just for buy to let and maybe their should be rent controls. I could be confused about what they mean here, especially with imputed rent.


pmmbok t1_it9pm3w wrote

I don't have a plan as to what the renters subsidy be. It would be tricky.

As far as imputed rent goes, it's hard for me to imagine.


Massey89 t1_itc9zt4 wrote

who lets them borrow and how?


if it's that easy you go do it


Smooth_Imagination t1_itjdt2n wrote

I think they borrow to buy other properties using other ones as collateral.

But there are individual home owners who have bought a second home to rent out so that the renter essentially is paying off the mortgage.


Massey89 t1_itll6vb wrote

i was under the impression you get smashed with taxes though on anything after your first home