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Smooth_Imagination t1_it97dko wrote

No you are not. You are, if the tax is unjust, simply discriminating against the other group.

There is no natural state of taxation. Each tax needs to be justified in terms of what it does and be applied fairly, but arguing it as a benefit is like punching one person and then claiming the unpunched person was the beneficiary of not being punched.

I'm pro-tax, but I don't believe a situation can be described as subsidy because you didn't tax it.

Its funny really because whilst this kind of discussion goes on, no one did anything about the tax loopholes in offshore accounts, which the truly rich benefit from.


DoobieBrotherhood t1_it97xgv wrote

>if the tax is unjust…

checks sub

shakes head

“Unjust” has no scientific interpretation. A net positive financial benefit to a group that is accompanied dollar for dollar by a net negative financial impact to the government is a subsidy in every way that matters.