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odhali1 t1_iu6p9j6 wrote

I was diagnosed with PsA after years of aero-negative RA. Achilles tendinitis changed everything


eatingganesha t1_iu6re6e wrote

And yet that’s not tendonitis. It’s enthesitis, which is a PsA thing that feels and acts like tendonitis. Entheses are where the tendon attaches to the bone. Hurts like hell and responds poorly to tendonitis treatment. Mine is plantar.


perrumpo t1_iu6rfz7 wrote

Sorry to hear you’ve had so much trouble. That really sucks. I’ve had joint pain since I was a kid, and it got worse throughout adulthood. Finally in my thirties, I got diagnosed with PsA because my dermatologist noticed my nail pitting. Then I went to a rheumatologist. I had other symptoms as well.


djkoch66 t1_iu6z3v1 wrote

After 15 years of a nonspecific inflammatory arthritis, I developed scalp arthritis. Now I’m off my old meds and on a new one that’s working. Freedom!


newdaynewnamenewyay t1_iu7cx5g wrote

What is your scalp arthritis like?


djkoch66 t1_iu7y21b wrote

It started in July 2020 and felt like I had acne patches on my scalp that were so itchy it would disrupt my sleep. I couldn’t see it and it took a few televisits to realize I needed to be seen face to face. Phototherapy helped get rid of it and then I started Otezla. Joints feel much better but my scalp gets itchy from time to time but that’s about it.