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voodoohotdog t1_itbx8n6 wrote

Well TIL. I was going g to tease you for the misspelling of "hominids" and discovered a new word and a classification I was unaware of. Good read.


disembodiedbrain t1_itcu6bp wrote

Yeah, it's a family vs. a tribe or subfamily. There's a lot of words like that, e.g., Tyrannosauroids vs. Tyrannosaurids vs. Tyrannosaurines, or Crocodylians vs. Crocodylids vs. Crocodylines.

Scientists need to get a little more creative with their names methinks.


Altruistic-Sir-3661 t1_ithxktx wrote

It has been foretold that one should, check oneself before one wrecks oneself. And you have acted thus and wisely. So many have lost everything in comment forms like this one by not googling things first as you have done.


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