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cannondave t1_ityw8aj wrote

How do we sell things to men? Let's try using beautiful faces of women. Wow that worked over expectations. It's not a bad omen, it's maximizing profits by hijacking basic human instincts like the urge for beauty youth and reproduction


WeirdAndGilly t1_itz03sk wrote

Teenage girls aren't women, they're children.


Dark-SideOfTheHorse t1_itz1qyz wrote

18 and 19 year olds are adults


WeirdAndGilly t1_itz505v wrote

And yet the article mentions teenage girls but not young women. And it certainly doesn't say anything about only 18 and up.


cannondave t1_iu1l6vr wrote

Not if you're a true christian person, then they are too young. Unless you're a pastor, then they are too old.


cannondave t1_iu1lcwq wrote

Yes, just like the Teen section in every porn site is child porn. That's why they are 2nd or 3rd most searched category, depending on demographic of the user.


Elanapoeia t1_itywrew wrote

Found the libertarian


sfzombie13 t1_itz9srv wrote

you act like op was wrong. it ain't wrong. if it didn't work, you wouldn't see it. they don't waste much money on advertising, they spend it effectively.


wtgreen t1_itzet4f wrote

Think of all those old, white men being tricked into clicking ads with teenage girls. No place is safe for them!


sfzombie13 t1_itzfc5l wrote

well, i consider myself an old white man, even though i'm only 52, and all i can think of when i see college cheerleaders and any girls that age is how they look like babies to me.


Elanapoeia t1_itzhgdx wrote

More, their wording is weird and claims teenage girls to be the epitome of sexual beauty which is, y'know, very libertarian.