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murderedbyaname t1_ir5zei7 wrote

"Everything in moderation" is old but still around for a reason. And other foods have benefits but are maligned, like eggs. Eggs are one of the best sources of choline.


striker69 t1_ir7huwc wrote

What’s the correct daily dose? I couldn’t find it in the article.


JimJalinsky t1_ir7l3rl wrote

Instead of chocolate, just incorporate cocoa powder into drinks or smoothies.


FineOpportunity636 t1_ir7y9d5 wrote

Red wine eh? Guess I don’t need to incorporate apples into my diet.


IgnorantGenius t1_ir8hjp7 wrote

Interesting. I have been feeling great lately eating apples and reeses peanut butter cups. I wonder if the peanut butter helps, too.


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