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echochambers_suck t1_itqigtn wrote

Regular physical activity has been shown to have positive effects on health and immunity. Is this really an article?


brainburger t1_itquy3o wrote

Faaackin hell. Nearly every comment is the same The paper is about whether exercise affects the value of the vaccine, as well as affecting Covid directly.


lupuscapabilis t1_itre8s8 wrote

Well yes, because physical activity keeps your body in better health which literally helps things like vaccines work. We've known this forever.


brainburger t1_itrjgit wrote

Not quite. We knew that both exercise and vaccines affect covid prognoses separately and likely too that they have overlapping effects. This study makes that point in the introduction.

However it is also the case that exercise increases antibody production after vaccination and that reduces hospitalisation rates. We didn't know that without looking specifically for it in the stats. It was entirely possible for exercise to reduce antibody production, or reduce the effectiveness of the antibodies. We would not necessarily know that, if the overall effect was beneficial.