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MTL_t3k t1_itsuiwd wrote

Whoa. Stop the presses. Being physically active actually improves overall health and makes one less susceptible to illness?

What next, that young, active healthy people who get COVID-19 irrespective of 'vaccine' status are at practically no risk of requiring hospitalisation?

That is about as crazy as claiming that people who comsume a healthy, plant-based diet have 73% lower odds of developing moderate-to-severe illness from COVID-19 irrespective of 'vaccine' status.

Plant-based diets, pescatarian diets and COVID-19 severity: a population-based case–control study in six countries

"After adjusting for basic demographic characteristics, medical specialty, and health behaviours (smoking, physical activity) in model 2, participants who followed plant-based diets had 73% lower odds of moderate-to-severe COVID-19 (OR 0.27, 95% CI 0.10 to 0.81) compared with participants who did not follow plant-based diets."

Stop it with all this crazy talk about health and nutrition and just give me my umpteenth booster while I chow down on my triple bacon cheeseburger over here on the couch already.