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AloneListless t1_ir8lyuk wrote

Seriously guys, dumb it down please. Anyone?


kemikuk t1_ir8vdde wrote

Let me try They have 2 amazing clocks that tick less than 1 s out of step in 10^19 s. But how do you synchronize them if they are far away from each other. If you send radio waves there will be a delay. That delay can be compensated if it is constant. But the atmospheric fluctuations make the delay change in time. That effectively ruins your super precise clock signal coming from a distance. That is the challenge, as far as I understand.


One_Potato2 t1_ir8pxtq wrote

I think he’s saying that humans can now synchronize swatches pretty much exactly from far away.

Something like this could help in data transmission research

Am I close?


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fighterpilotace1 t1_ir8mak7 wrote

I'm probably reading it wrong, but my understanding is that it's something to do with reducing latency between systems via high powered and efficient lenses. And then something to do with how space time and gravity have the tiniest effects on this, but does have a measurable difference, which they are able to close that gap. I think.


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