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SuspiciousStable9649 t1_irgwgc1 wrote

You should see what happens when you just try to get people to wear a mask! (hilarity ensues)


Burpreallyloud t1_irg3f7q wrote

the "it didn't effect me so why should I care" syndrome


Splatulance t1_irhmvie wrote

Meaningful climate action is happening, but not quickly enough.

Every relationship isn't easily examined with statistics. It could be that n discrete events have a cumulative effect, when coupled with other factors. That sort of thing is difficult to model. History is far more a story of asymptotic punctuated equilibrium than a continuous function. Consider slavery and civil rights in the US


wylee_one t1_irgt4zs wrote

the first planet we will terraform to make suitable for human life will be this one


ralphvonwauwau t1_irhnor0 wrote

Only if that can be profitable, otherwise, hey, won't someone think of the shareholders?


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uniqualykerd t1_irfepd6 wrote

And nobody was surprised. Capitalists generally don't care for future generations. They care about themselves, only.


shuttlebay t1_irhdbng wrote

This makes me sad! ¯\_(ツ)_/¯